Honeymoon Destination

Why St. Thomas Is The Perfect Honeymoon Destination?

So, your BIG day is finally over, and you are ready to take some quality time and relax with your new partner. While for most newlyweds, the ideal honeymoon destination tends to be the Bahamas or Bermuda, there is much more.

Whether you’re searching for your dream honeymoon or on the hunt for adrenaline-pumping activities, you’ll find that the St. Thomas island tour has all to offer.

What is St. Thomas?

St. Thomas, one of the three US Virgin Islands, is renowned for its pristine waters, variety of activities, and high-quality lodgings. St. Thomas is the main island, only 32 square miles in size and home to nearly 50,000 people.

So what should a couple such as yourself anticipate from a trip to this island? Let’s find out!

Romantic Things To Do While On A St. Thomas Beach Tour

Given below are some of the top St. Thomas honeymoon adventure ideas.

· Go Snorkeling In The Crystal Clear Waters

Since you’ve come to an island, there is no way you’re leaving without exploring and experiencing its underwater life. Go hand-in-hand with your spouse and sail through the magical Caribbean waters, experiencing the colorful marine life and corals beneath the waters.

No matter if you’ve done snorkeling before or not, there are plenty of incredible spots along the coast that offer the chance to experience dazzling marine life in all its grandeur.

· Explore The Full-of-Life Town Of Charlotte Amalie

Charlotte Amalie – the largest city and the center of commercial activity in the Virgin Islands, is an ideal place to begin your St. Thomas journey with your partner. Enjoy walking around the town and embark on a duty-free shopping spree. Learn about the island’s past at historical sites like Fort Christian, the Weibel Museum, and the Seven Arches Museum. For local artwork, fine crafts, fresh food, and clothing, stroll the town’s many parks, alleys, and squares. Also, make sure to stop by the St. Thomas Synagogue (place of worship) – the second-oldest synagogue in America.

· Charter A Private Sailboat

Could there be something more charming and romantic than being on a sailboat and exploring secluded beaches and isolated coves with your partner beside you? With its stunning blue waters and legendary Caribbean beaches, chartering a private sailboat for your honeymoon won’t only give you the freedom to explore at your own pace but also provide an idyllic setting for some romantic time together in private.

There are numerous sailing charters that you can hire, offering trips that last anywhere from a half day to several weeks. Considering that, the US Virgin Islands are ideal for sailing, as they offer protected waters, good weather, many beautiful beaches, and excellent anchorages.

So why wait? Book your private sailboat charter today and start making memories that will last a lifetime!

· Go On A Hiking Trail

It’s not only beaches and the vibrant life going in and on the island that makes St. Thomas such an exciting destination. The island is famed for its lush green forests and coastline, making it an ideal destination for anyone looking to go on a hike. Whether you’re looking for a leisurely stroll along scenic coastal paths or a challenging ascent up the mountain, St. Thomas offers it all.

Tips For Couples When Traveling To St. Thomas

  • How to get there: 

    Finding a direct flight to St. Thomas won’t be difficult because the island is well connected to the US mainland. The only airport on the island is located in Charlotte Amalie, which hosts regular short flights from the east coast cities. From there, couples can rent a car, book a taxi service, or use public transportation.

  • Getting around the island

    US citizens with a driver’s license can rent cars and drive on the island. The only thing to remember is to be prepared for a left-side driving experience.

  • When to go:

    Although there is no designated rainy season in the Virgin Islands, there are variations from month to month. For instance, June to November are the wettest months in the Virgin Islands. Therefore, to avoid bad weather, consider traveling in the spring or early summer before the temperatures skyrocket.

  • What to pack:

    With warm temperatures year-round, you’ll want to pack loose-fitting clothing. Make sure to bring comfortable footwear, as you’ll probably be spending some time exploring the island. Also, if you visit the island in the winter, keep in mind to pack a light jacket or wrap because once the sun sets, the temperature can drop.

To Conclude

With its stunning natural beauty and an endless array of activities, it is quite evident why St. Thomas is among the top honeymoon destinations. So, start your marriage with the right hook and book a St. Thomas private excursion through companies like JSMiller Taxi and Tours today!




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