Roof leakage

What You Must Do When There Is Roof Leakage

When you find some leakage in the ceiling of your home, do not delay in calling Calgary roof repair to check and fix the problem. The weather is unpredictable, and any delay can cause unforeseen issues. It could be a minor problem, but still, you cannot ignore it. Do a little retrospection. In recent times, how many times have we had such issues? How old is the building? When did I last do a renovation? Are the shingles in proper condition?
These answers will tell you whether you can get away by repairing the minor issues or should you call in for a complete roof overhauling.

Signs of roof damage:

A strong home roof protects your family from illnesses and keeps the house insulated, holding warm air inside during cold seasons. If the roofer Calgary says there might be damage, ask them to do a thorough check.

1. Inside the home:

a] The roof needs inspection if you see water stains on the roof or the side walls along with the attic.
b] The roofer can tell of likely problems that may arise by identifying hot and cold spots in the attic. Some areas tend to be warmer or cooler than others.
c] if you are getting a musty smell in your attic, water is seeping in slowly, and soon there could be stains.
d] If you see daylight coming through the shingle boards, the roof is weakening from moisture.

2. On the external:

When the internal leaks are confirmed, it is almost sure there is damage to the roof, and you will have to hire the best roofing company Calgary to refurbish your roof. The damage could be anywhere, but it is advisable to repair the entire roof as suggested below
a] If there are damaged or missing shingles, go for replacing entire roof shingles if your building is old. Or replacing the missing ones will do.
b] If there is damage to the flashing (material surrounding the chimneys and other protrusions), water will easily seep inside the house. It will need replacement.
c] If there is a lot of rot and moss on your roof, it needs cleaning up.


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