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What are the different types of document file formats?

When it comes to creating documents you must know that there are many options available to you for saving your file in. There are different types of document file formats which are being used today in the digital world. If you are not familiar with the famous document formats then you have surely landed in the right place. Here in this post we are going to talk about the most popular file formats in which you can save different types of documents in. Before saving your file in a random file format you must read on this post and pick the best one which is suitable against your requirements.

Out of many, here we have discussed the most popular choices you have:

Most popular types of document files that you can use in 2022

Portable document format aka PDF

One of the most commonly used file format for saving documents is PDF. PDF is being used in almost every industry and workplace. The reason as for why PDF is so much famous is because it cannot be edited. Yes! PDF files are non editable by nature and are very much secure for sharing confidential information. You should know that you can easily share documents in their exact same format if you use PDF because they have a universal view on every device. You don’t have to worry about installing a PDF reader on your device to open this file format. You can email files in PDF, print them and even scan contents of files without any hassle. In simple words, whenever you need to share a document in its original format and layout without worrying about the recipient then you need to use PDF. You can easily save PDF files at the time of creation on any word processor. If you don’t have the option to save file in PDF then you can also use online PDF converter free tools to get the files saved in PDF format.

Word document format aka DOCX

This is another popular file format which is basically used in documents creation. You must know that this file format was first introduced and developed by Microsoft. Today MS word is being used as a standard format for creation of new documents. Most companies use Word for sharing and receiving documents that need to be checked and approved. Students, content writers, bloggers and other people related to the content writing fraternity prefer using the docx format because they are easy to edit and share. The best part about using word file format is that you can easily format and customize the document as per your own choice/requirements.

Hypertext markup language aka HTML

You also might have heard of HTML. HTML is a commonly used document format among developers and other professionals related to the web development and designing fraternity. You must know that HTML is the most basic file format when it comes to creating a new website or webpage. This type of file format is used to create content/code in such a way that it changes into a functional site. Despite many advanced languages and codes being introduced in the market, html is still popular. The biggest pro of using HTML is that it can allow you to easily change the font and the layout of the text in the code. In simple words, if you want to write a functional website code then you need to use HTML.

Microsoft Excel spreadsheets file aka XLSX

Excel or the XLS format is another commonly used format that you can see in the digital world. These files are basically used for the purpose of showing and sharing data in table format. If you want to share a spreadsheet, a table, graph or even a database then you need to use the MS excel format. This format is not only used for displaying data in a neat and clean layout but it is also used to track and calculate changes in information. You can also do calculations on the excel format. This file format is commonly used in banking, insurance and relevant industries.

Text file format aka TXT

The most basic text document files are in TXT. TEXT format as the name tells us is basically used to note down simple text. You can use this format to write down notes, plain text, list or even a set of instructions. On computer systems you can find the default notepad app installed. The notes that you create on the notepad would be saved in the TXT format. In simple words, if you need only text to be saved in a basic format then you should go for txt. If you want to add text in a customized or fancy format or layout then you need to go for other file formats like word.

These are the five most popular document file types that are commonly being used today!


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