Ways to Use Door Signwriting to Attract Consumers

Creating a storefront that attracts attention on the high street is difficult. Now, thanks to technology, many new concepts can attract many customers.

Guarantee that your clients are aware of your location

A billboard on the sidewalk or roadside billboards might be used to attract customers’ attention before they visit your store. But how can your consumers find their way to the correct location as they approach or are already there? Assist your patrons by pointing them to the exits and nearby attractions. Show the way with flashing arrows or a large placard. No more dull “Open” sign beside the entrance!

Give your storefront some creative consideration

A consistent theme for your storefront’s decor might be a good idea. Choose one or two dominant hues and pair them with subdued, neutral backgrounds; just be sure not to go crazy. Temporary signs for discounts and events can utilize bolder colors, but you should always return to your theme colors.

Signwriting on the sidewalk or street may be an effective approach to bringing in new business. A clever tagline or eye-catching picture might convince passers-by that they’re missing out on something very special if they don’t enter your store right this second, whether it’s a one-time sale, a once-in-a-lifetime bargain, or an everything-must-go clearance.

Leave your doors open

The fact of the matter is, people are more likely to come into your establishment if it’s easy for them to do so – hence why having an open door policy is key. Think about it this way – if you were looking for a place to eat and saw two restaurants side by side, one with the doors wide open and inviting customers inside while the other had its doors shut, which one would you be more inclined to go into? If you want people to come into your company, you need to make it as easy as possible for them to do so and that starts with having an open door policy. Other ways you can entice customers inside is by making sure your storefront is well-lit and aesthetically pleasing with displays that will catch their eye.

Dress up your home’s decor with some flair

Customers may not have arrived quite yet, and that’s just OK. But when they go by, they can peer into the windows. As a result, you should spruce up the inside for passing customers. The ads might be shown in vivid hues and big, strong lettering, making them easily legible inside and out.

Give away freebies

A free trial version must be the best thing ever, right? For this reason, if the business is sluggish, you should go to the front of your establishment and hand out free samples to passersby. Your business card, some mints, or even some extra tile are all examples of this. Even better, have visitors come in and look around before allowing them to use the sample station. The correct storefront signwriting may attract clients regardless of whether your business is located on a bustling pedestrian route or a quiet street.

1. Explain the function of each symbol

You may choose from various materials and styles for external signs, so consider their intended use before placing an order. Window decals deliver more permanent information, while banners and posters boost brand awareness and promote events (like business hours and contact info).

2. Get folks to come in

Passers-by are more than simply foot traffic; they’re prospective clients. Your storefront, ideally, shouldn’t be able to be ignored. Popular options include A-frame signs, which can be read from all sides, and chalkboard signs, which are great if you want to change your message frequently and add some character to your business. Often, these attract passersby from the street and are decorated with clever handwritten remarks.

3. Maximize clarity and readability

Your storefront signage will be seen by consumers driving by, walking by, and riding a bike. Make sure the writing is large enough and in a legible typeface to read quickly and from a distance. Your sign’s legibility will be affected by the font you select and the contrast between the text color and the backdrop. If you want your banner to stand out, don’t print it in a bright color on a white backdrop. Use our Letter Visibility Chart guidelines.

4. Add some lasting impact to your message

If your store is conveniently located near your customers’ houses or their daily commute, they may see it as often as 30 times a month. Remember that your signwriting will be visible even when the business is closed, providing you with a fantastic opportunity to promote your brand at all times. Sticky notes on windows are a terrific method to keep important information visible even after business hours. Customers can research your


With any luck, you’ll be able to better identify the function of each sign you put up to advertise your business after reading this advice. Consistency in tone and style throughout your goods and ensuring they are simple to read for your target audience should be your top priorities in signwriting.