Signal Booster

Top 5 Easy Steps to Install A Signal Booster At Home

Signal boosters are the need of today’s world for good network strength.

People living in compartments or enclosed areas face network issues and thus they are moving towards installing a signal booster. Signal booster comes in various ranges. It may vary from one location to another. For instance: the price of a mobile booster in Mumbai may differ from that of other cities like Delhi and Bangalore.

The installation procedure for a signal booster is very straightforward as you need to follow some installation steps.

Here, in this blog, we are here to let you know some necessary tips to install signal boosters in your home. Read all the points carefully:

Steps to Install a Signal Booster at Home

Locate the Area Outside Your Home with Best Signal

Search and locate a perfect place or location outside your home with good signal coverage. It’s the first crucial step in installing a cell phone signal booster. You can search for the best-suited area with a good network by roaming to the perimeter of your home by holding your smartphone in your hand. You need to check the number of bars of network on your device: phone (Ok method), smartphone apps (good method,) and field test mode (great network.)

Install an Outside Antenna

Once you have got the best signal nearby your home, now, it’s time to place an antenna on your cell phone booster. Try to place it as high as possible. You can choose the roof for installing the same with a mounting pole. Try to place an outside antenna on or near the edge of the roof for better network coverage. If your cell phone booster has a yagi antenna, then make sure it is pointed towards the cell phone tower.

You can find the location of the base tower of your phone network provider and then place it accordingly. It will be better for good network or signal coverage.

Connect to the Signal Booster Amplifier

After placing or affixing your signal booster antenna outside your home, try to connect it to the amplifier through a coaxial cable. One will be provided to you with your cell phone signal booster. Try to run the cable in your home till it reaches the amplifier where you want to affix it. Some customers like to run the cable through the attic while others prefer using cable entry through the window. Pick the solution that works better for you. Also, you should try and ensure that the amplifier is well stored in a properly ventilated area for a good amplification process.

Install or Affix Inside Antenna

Now, once you have connected an external or outdoor antenna with the amplifier, now find a suitable place in your home or office area where you want to install the indoor antenna. There are mainly two types of indoor antenna available these days: panel antenna and ceiling antenna. If it’s a panel antenna, try to fix or install it on a wall and if it’s a ceiling antenna, then try to place or affix it to the ceiling. Now, you can run the other cables included with the antenna with the amplifier which is also called a repeater.

There are some installation criteria to be followed by the personnel who is doing the installation work. Most of the cell phone booster companies mention necessary guidelines in the booklet provided with the signal booster kit.  The normal installation criteria are to ensure that you are installing inside and outside antenna at the following distance:

  • 20 feet vertical
  • 50 feet horizontal

Doing or following such guidelines will help you prevent oscillation, which may shut down or stop the activities of your signal booster.

Power On

Now, plug the power supply cable of the signal amplifier with the outlet fixed on the wall. Turn the switch On and wait for some time. If you see green lights, then it means that your amplifier starts syncing with the antenna. You can also check the boosted signal you are receiving by checking the inside antenna.

If any post-installment issue arises with your amplifier and signal booster, then toggle off and on the amplifier. You should unplug the power supply for about 5 to 10 seconds and then plug it in again to let the system reboot. If you are still facing issues, then contact your service provider. The signal booster fixing charge may vary from one place to another like the Price of a mobile network booster in Mumbai to that of Delhi.


Low signal issues become a major problem in both urban and rural areas. Installing a signal booster may help you get appropriate signals in your home or office. Follow the above-provided steps to install a signal booster.