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The need for innovation and having digital workers

Have you wondered why Gen Z is so restless when it comes to their work? The simple reason is that they have different expectations from their workplaces. Let us look into some interesting stats concerning Gen Z:

  • 6000 workers in the age group of 18-25 plan to change their jobs in the coming year ahead- Forbes.
  • 54% of Gen Z contemplates resigning from their present jobs – Microsoft.

‘The Great Resignation’ which has caught the fancy in recent months post the pandemic, shows that Gen Z workers do not want to compromise on living their lives. They expect to find both meaning and purpose at work and not be bogged down by repetitive and redundant tasks. Whereas, according to a survey conducted by Adobe, most employees spend one-third of their workweek on mundane tasks. Such tasks invariably lead to burnout and disengagement. Gen Z, in particular, has far less tolerance for redundancy, as they constantly crave for speed, cutting-edge technology, and work-life balance.

What can employers do about it?

Companies cannot afford employee attrition. It takes a lot of energy and resources to onboard an employee and then losing out the employee results in the company incurring huge losses. Here comes the need for innovation in the processes which will not only pause the exodus of talent but also attract talent. Companies need to adopt certain values which make Gen Z employees feel valued and also give them the space to grow. Employees need to feel content in their work life and that is why companies should encourage and implement innovation in the workplace.

Bring about Innovation in the processes

‘Necessity is the mother of innovation’. This phrase is even more accurate in today’s world with the fast-changing scenario where the competition is high, and technology is rapidly evolving. Gen Z is attracted to speed, to immediacy and to technology. Thus companies, employers need to innovate, so that they can keep up with the younger generation. It is time to reimagine the workplace and have Digital workers. Adopting innovative technologies and acquiring digital workers will reduce redundant work in the first place and give the employees the space to grow while being engaged and content.

Who are Digital workers?

What about having an ideal team member who does not require any training and executes work just like another human employee? All the while delivering services much faster and absolutely error-free? Who wouldn’t want to have one such team-member on the team?

Digital workers are trained, they start delivering and performing from the first day itself and their productivity is exceptional. They augment and add value to human employees and their productivity. Not only does this increase productivity but it also ensures the satisfaction of the employees who were under tremendous work pressure before the arrival of digital workers, bogged down with excess work. It is a win-win situation for both the companies and the employees, as employees are augmented and not replaced and companies can deal with manpower shortages with the help of digital workers. It is liberating when you have digital workers handling end-to-end operations as humans can focus on the more ingenious tasks and hone their skills. This is what Gen Z is seeking as they aim for deriving happiness from work, all while retaining employees, supporting them, being humane, and attracting more talent.

How is a Digital worker better than a chatbot?

Digital workers are created to augment human workers and they are capable of handling end-to-end operations for the selected business domain. A chatbot or a bot uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing to chat with a user/customer through the website, email, or communication app by processing and simulating human conversation. They mostly respond to pre-written keywords which are already fed to the system and can engage users in a conversation. Thus, chatbots can perform simple tasks in a step-wise  manner but their actions are limited. On the other hand, digital workers provide end-to-end solutions and have a wide range of capabilities. Each stage of a business process is automated by a digital worker which uses a smooth blend of Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation, Natural Language Processing, chatbots, and other cognitive tools resulting in significant timesaving, result-oriented A chatbot or a bot uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing to chat with a user/customer accurate results.

Is there no human involved in the process?

Does it mean that humans are not required at all and the digital co-worker gains complete control over the process? Definitely, no! There is a human in the loop which allows the human to interact and control the automated systems, contributing their expertise in the process and improving the process by providing timely feedback. It is all about a seamless blend of Artificial Intelligence, cognitive technology and human-in-the-loop. The process gets done faster, mundane tasks do not need to be handled by humans, which speeds up the workflow, results being error-free and accurate and overall resulting in an enhanced experience qualitatively as well as quantitatively. Humans are there and are assisted strategically which results in a better outcome.

Investment and time to launch?

Digital co-worker is economical and takes absolutely no time to launch. They come fully trained and start working efficiently from the very first day at work. The company does not need to spend their resources on hiring and training as the digital co-workers come pre-configured. Furthermore, they do not require any platform licensing costs. Digital co-workers learn and scale up fast. They work collaboratively with the team delivering and meeting the business needs while enhancing customer and employee experience and retaining employees.

Some instances of Digital workers

Let us take Brenda- the Customer Service Specialist. She can not only respond to the customer queries at any time of the day, whether it is within the business hours or not, she can access the wide range of products and services offered by the company and converse with the customer. Brenda is capable of identifying problems and taking them up to the management while proposing solutions. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed when Brenda is committed to find the best solutions to the issues faced by the customers. Brenda also collects the feedback from the customer and shares with team for further improvement. Thus, Brenda offers end-to-end services as a Customer Service Specialist while speeding up the entire process, deriving customer satisfaction and augmenting the human workforce.



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