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Top Ways to Select the Best Name For a Kid’s Toys Brand?

If there’s one thing that kids absolutely love, it’s inarguably toys. A mere mention of toys fills them up with excitement. Just like toys need to be made creatively to garner a kid’s attention, the brand name for a toy’s brand must also be selected carefully. A boring toy’s brand name might not look appealing to kids. To make the name more interesting, you have to understand the concept of toy naming. The name must either be related to what kids love or be related to a specific problem that they can solve. Keeping your target market in mind and the image you wish to create, a toy’s brand name must be decided. Let’s understand the concept of naming for a kid’s toy brand:

How To Come Up With A Creative Brand Name For Toy Store

Since the field is related to kids, it’s crucial to keep their lifestyle, habits, and interests in mind. The name must not be out of context. For kids below the age of 5 years, for example, cartoons can play a huge role. The animations, the characters, etc. everything piques a child’s interest. The idea is to touch their minds and hearts. Some toy’s Create a brand names based on the owner’s interest, the location, and the target market, etc. However, what matters the most is that the name must be unique. The name must also be easy to understand as they don’t have a very strong vocabulary like how adults have. The brand name you choose must also be easy to spell and pronounce so the tiny tots don’t have any trouble speaking it out aloud or telling their parents about which toy brand they wish to buy from. Next, consider your internet marketing goals if ever you wish to launch an e-store or something like that. The URL must be available.

There’s no doubt that toy brands are lucrative businesses. It makes sense to choose a name that puts a smile on little ones’ faces and creates ever-lasting memories in their minds. Whether it’s a child’s birthday or a holiday gift, toys can brighten up any child. There are many brand naming agency such as UnboxFame whose help you can seek to name your toy store the way it should be.

Tips To Select The Best Name For A Toy’s Brand


Your brand name can be based on several factors such as location, interest, etc. No matter which criteria you opt for while naming your brand, one thing that must always be kept in mind is to choose a name that’s unique. Uniqueness implies that nobody else must possess a similar name because that can lead to copyright issues or create confusion later on. And we are sure you don’t want that.

Appealing and Easy 

The name you choose must also be easy but creative. Kids should be able to memorise it well. You must think from a kid’s perspective to come up with a brand name for kid’s toys. It must be easy to spell, and pronounce and also appeal to the kids instantly. One good way to do it is to make a list of things that kids find interesting and base your brand name around the same.

Cartoon Characters

I don’t like cartoons that say no child ever. In fact, watching cartoons is the favourite pastime for all kids, no matter where they belong to. Cartoons have a special fanbase amongst kids and they like to shop based on their favourite cartoons. This is a great sales technique as well. Creating toys around cartoon characters is a good idea. Similarly, naming your brand around cartoon characters is a fab idea as well.

URL and E-Store

When thinking of a brand name for your toy business, you must also consider your marketing goals. If you plan to open your e-store in the near future, your brand name should be reflective of the same. Remember, picking a brand name is also about checking the domain availability.

Finally, if you wish to put your efforts on your brand, you may always seek the help of brand naming agencies such as UnboxFame for brand names that appeal.



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