Scope of Airport Management course

How Does Aviation Management Work?

The study of airlines, airports, and business in the aerospace industry is known as aviation management.

Enrollees in an aviation management programme aspire to work in high-level positions such as airport security and air traffic control tower security.

The fundamentals of aviation will be taught in this course. The planning, design, operation, and maintenance of aircraft are all part of this job. Students who take the Aviation Management course will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to manage airline and airport departments. Because it is constantly reaching new heights, aviation management has a lot of potential. India has the world’s third-largest civil aviation market.. Aviation management includes ground handling, fleet management, ticketing, international tourism boards, hospitality, and in-flight services. A career in aviation management is rewarding because it provides tremendous opportunities for advancement as well as opportunities outside of India. Travelling the world for a living is unquestionably the most rewarding job.

Eligibility Criteria for Aviation Management (UG & PG)

The following are the requirements for Aviation Management. Candidates can review the Aviation Management eligibility criteria by course prior to taking the entrance exams.

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

Candidates who meet the following criteria can only pursue an undergraduate degree, such as a BBA in Aviation Management.Candidates must have completed their tenth and twelfth grades at a recognised educational institution (state board, CBSE, or ICSE).To be considered for the entrance exam/admission, a candidate must score at least 50% on the exam. The requirements for admission to aviation programmes vary from one college to the next. The candidate must research the application process and eligibility requirements before deciding on a college. Some universities require students to take entrance exams, while others choose students based on their grades in the 12th grade.

Postgraduate Study Level

In grades ten and twelve, most colleges require a minimum grade of 50 percent. It is necessary to have a bachelor’s degree with a minimum of 50% or an equivalent CGPA.

It is preferable to have a bachelor’s degree in economics or commerce with a maths background.

A minimum of two years of experience in the aviation industry is required for an MBA in aviation management.

The Role of Aviation Management in India and Around the World

The enormous potential of aviation management is attracting investors from all over the world. The aviation industry is expected to see huge investments of up to two lakh crore rupees, a demand for 935 additional planes, and a 13 percent CAGR in traffic over the next ten years.

This will result in a significant increase in job opportunities in the area.

In the future, this will result in a massive increase in job opportunities. On average, aviation management graduates can expect to earn between Rs. 4-6 lakh per year (Approx.). Students who are interested in aviation can take this course. Aviation terms such as fuselage, nose, tail, main-plane, port, and starboard must be familiar to aspirants. The aviation management course is best suited for students who want to teach aviation and plan to continue their education.

Airport Management Courses

Airport management courses are available at all levels, from certificate to master’s degree. Make sure you meet the eligibility requirements before enrolling in a course. The fee structures and eligibility requirements for some of the most popular courses, as well as top colleges offering various levels of courses, are listed below.

Airport Management Certificate Programs

Students who have completed their 10+2 in any stream (Arts, Science, or Commerce) from any recognised board are eligible to enrol in these courses. The only way to get into these classes is to enrol in the Courses.

Courses leading to an Airport Management Diploma

You can pursue an airport management diploma after completing 10+2. Here are some of the best colleges in the country that offer airport management diploma programmes. Undergraduate Courses in Airport Management

It takes three years to complete a bachelor’s degree in airport management. Students who have completed their 10+2 with a minimum of 60% in the total aggregate from a recognised board are eligible for these courses.

Admission to these programmes is based on a competitive application process.

Merit and entrance exams are combined. The DU JAT, IPU CAT, NPAT, SET, and other UG entrance exams include the DU JAT, IPU CAT, NPAT, SET, and others. A list of UG Airport Management Courses is provided below.

Postgraduate courses in airport management

A master’s degree in airport management is a two-year post-graduate programme. Students can enrol in master’s programmes if they have a bachelor’s degree from a recognised university with a minimum of 50% in the total aggregate.

Students are admitted to these programmes based on a combination of academic achievement and entrance exams. In fact, the majority of colleges use entrance exams to select students. To get into these programmes, you can take exams like the MAT, CAT, GMAT, JMET, XAT, and others. A list of Master’s Degree Programs is provided below.

India’s civil aviation industry has risen to become one of the country’s fastest-growing industries in the last three years, with the country on track to surpass the United Kingdom.

One of the best decisions you’ll ever make is to pursue a career in aviation. The study of airlines, airports, and business in the aerospace industry is known as aviation management. The BBA Aviation programme at Presidency College provides students with the knowledge and skills they need to work in the aviation industry.

Oversee airline and airport operations. Because it is constantly reaching new heights, aviation management has a lot of potential.

Ground handling, fleet management, ticketing, international tourism boards, hospitality, and in-flight services are all part of aviation management.


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