Sclera Contact Lenses Are A Cure For An Eye?

Do you know why scleral lenses are different from regular contact lenses? It is because the sclera contact lenses are transparent. It can not be shrunken in your eye because it has a rough gas-permeable surface with an overall diameter.

Scleral lenses stay in your sclera (white of the eye) but are bigger in size. These lenses leap over the whole cornea and leave a gap between the lens and the corneal surface. They are not actually called contact lenses because they do not connect to the cornea.

Let us discuss its benefits.

Sclera contact lenses are beneficial for your eyes in many ways. People around the world are buying and using it for the reason that they can actually work for different eye problems.

Let us learn about how it can give you an advantage.

A solution for hard-to-fit eyes

People with the irregularly shaped cornea, whether due to some causes or an eye condition. These conditions can occasionally develop vision problems that can’t be corrected by some normal glasses or soft contact lenses.

Scleral contact lenses are the best solution for those who have hard-to-fit eye problems because they can give you a comfortable, secure fit and improved vision.

Relief for the dry eyes

Sclera lenses are generally used to treat corneal irregularity conditions and refractive errors, but sclera contact lenses can provide immense relief for dry eye conditions.

These lenses are custom designed. Lenses vault over the cornea and rest on the sclera while avoiding the cornea. The liquid between the lens and the cornea provides a continuous moist environment that protects the cornea and relieves those with dry eyes.

Work for stable vision.

Sclera contact lenses are large in size, which means they settle in the center of the eye and decrease the risk of an irregular position. These lenses are unlike regular lenses and can’t pop out easily from your eye even if you play sports or lead an active lifestyle.

Reduce glare

Sclera contact lenses are made of a large diameter. These lenses are more stable than regular lenses and have a wider optic zone. As a result, they offer a more accurate perception of peripheral vision and help minimize glare and sensitivity.

Protect your eye

These scleral lenses are a savior for the eye because these lenses protect your vision from debris, dust, and allergies. Scleral lenses provide a perfect solution if you are suffering from eye allergies.

Last longer than expected

Sclera contact lenses are rigid gas permeable, and made up of high-quality and durable material, which is made to last for long compared to regular lenses.

Sclera contact lenses are very beneficial. However, if you want them to last longer, you must take care of them, like washing them daily with the solution given for these lenses and avoiding tap water.

Your hands should be cleaned and dried before touching them. Please keep them in their cases and cap them properly to avoid any dust and bacteria sticking to them.