Pee Pee Island History

Pee Pee Island, frequently abriveated as PP Island or PPI, is a city at the southeast location of Newfoundland. It turned into based with the aid of using Dabs_All_OvarYT on April 7th, 2019. Pee Pee Island is the birthplace of Pissism and the oldest city at the state of Avalon.

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Pee Pee Island, frequently abriveated as PP Island or PPI, is a city at the southeast location of Newfoundland. It turned into based with the aid of using Dabs_All_OvarYT on April 7th, 2019. Pee Pee Island is the birthplace of Pissism and the oldest city at the state of Avalon. 


(March 10th, 2019 – June 11th, 2019)

On March 10th, 2019, Dabs_All_OvarYT joined EarthMC for the primary time. He located the server via the authentic trailer and, on the grounds that Pee Pee Island turned into on its peak, he determined to do this city.[1] Dabs bumped into a problem, as griefers from Bactria stopped occasionaly to scouse borrow gold from him. After all of that, he turned into capable of set up the city on April 7th. 

Establishment of Pee Pee Island, Toycat`s video and Avalon (April 7th – May 1st)

After the founding of the city, Dabs invited a lot of his friends, like MagmaWarrior and WeebyDeeby. Pee Pee Island joined New Scotland, now referred to as Nova Scotia.

The very equal day the city north of Pee Pee Island fell, rumor commenced to unfold that the famous YouTuber ibxtoycat joined EarthMC and deliberate to report a video. The rumors grew to become out to be actual and, at the video toycat uploaded at the server, he toured Pee Pee Island and there has been a glimpse to the city’s Discord server. Even aleven though the effects will now no longer seem till May 1st, the effects could be big. 

One day after Toycat logged in, KittyCompulsion joined the city, being a completely contributive member and he even crafted the Pee Pee Island monument, the Pee Pee. Four days later, Riley_McDonut, additionally referred to as I am E, spawned in.

(May 16th – June 11th) 

The authentic Treaty of Avalon among Dabs_All_OvarYT and Riley_McDonut. 

 On May 16th, Dabs introduced the Treaty of Avalon. The Treaty splitted the Avalon peninsula in order that the borders of every city could be set appropiately. On May 20th, Dabs surpassed the natural pp law, which prohibits the alteration of the island with out his permission. On May 25th, Matty could end his first tower named Pee Pee Tower and could stand at forty blocks tall. 

MattyG2012’s Pee Pee Tower. 

On June 2nd, Dabs applied a tax that robotically kicked out all people who did not have sufficient gold to pay. This covered KittyCompulsion, MagmaWarrior, MattyG2012 and Tobocoolman2000. Matty and Tobo rejoined, however Kitty and Magma failed to be part of again. On June 10th, Matty completed Tobo Tower, named after his brother, and standed “at an unplanned sixty nine blocks tall”. 

(June 11th, 2019 – August 18th)

Aceshooter places Nova Scotia on public sale (June 11th, 2019 – June 20th)

On June 11th, 2019, Aceshooter11 placed his state, Nova Scotia, on public sale and could be scammed. Out of fear, many cities on Nova Scotia left. Sensing a strength vacuum, Québec funded the introduction of Newfoundland and is set up on June 11th, with it is capital on Harbour. Many of the cities that left Nova Scotia joined Newfoundland.

 Riley_McDonut, after failed tries to transport Newfoundland’s capital to Dildo, makes use of all of the gold he has to make a state. As the brand new state did not have a call, he negotiated with the chief of Newfoundland to extrade its call to Labrador. And so, what nowadays is referred to as Avalon turned into, originally, Newfoundland. The state turned into in the end based on June thirteenth and Pee Pee Island joined in.

Towers, oh such a lot of towers (June 2019 – August 17th)

Matty completed his 0.33 tower with assist of his brother, the CQ Center, status at seventy three blocks tall. As the hype from Toycat’s video started out to dry up, human beings commenced becoming a member of PP Island much less and greater infrequently. This, blended with now no longer a whole lot plots on the market in Avalon, commenced a  month participant drought. Lots of constructing plans have been being made without delay and it have become difficult to construct greater that one plan without delay, and infrastructure dramatically slowed down. A couple of the plans have been The Avalon Spade, The Bank of Avalon SuperCenter, The Niger Tower, Avazon HQ, land clearing and maparts. 

The Pee Pee Tower with its yellow beacon. 

On August 16th, the primary beacon in Pee Pee Island turned into set up withinside the Pee Pee Tower. It turned into tainted with yellow glass to make it resemble pee. 

 The introduction of Pissism (August 18th)

Around this time, residents of Avalon commenced to understand there is probably a better being looking over them and protective them. Events like Bactria’s retreat from griefing Avalon and the introduction of Dildo’s Dildo and The Pee Pee regarded to a whole lot of a coincidence, with those thoughts finally forming Pissism. 

 The first point out of Pissism turned into with the aid of using Riley_McDonut on Pee Pee Island’s Discord Server, and it may be stated that he coined the term. The concept of Pissism turned into absolutely fashioned with a critical event: Pissism’s wiki page.It said the idea of Pissism, just like the encounters of Dabs and Riley with The Ball God.


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