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Omega Celebrates 60 Years Of James Bond With Two Seamasters

Time flies! Can you believe it is 60 years already since James Bond made his big movie debut? Yes, it was on October 5th, 1962. There’s no film character as iconic as ‘The Bond’, and naturally, everything he wore in his movies became more than just an accessory. Let’s say his timepieces. Every watch he wore along his journey symbolised refinement, status and sophistication.

Everybody has a favourite James Bond movie; for Omega, it remained GoldenEye released in 1995. Quite obvious as this was the first time Mr. Bond wore an Omega on his wrist. This remarkable incident marked the beginning of a lifelong partnership which continues even today and shall continue in the future.

60 years of Omega-James Bond association

Omega celebrated and cherished the iconic character’s 60th anniversary by releasing a duo of Seamaster Diver 300M watches that take two unique takes on the original Omega chosen for Agent 007. But why did the luxury brand pick the ‘Seamaster’ to mark this occasion?

Over the years, James Bond has worn different types of watches in his films. However, since 1995 only a specific type of Omega has been spotted on Bond’s wrist. As the story goes, after Lindy Hemming (Oscar-winning costume designer) suggested that Agent 007 must wear an Omega Seamaster for the brand’s debut in 1995 GoldenEye, James Bond started wearing variants of Seamaster Diver 300M in his following movies until 2006.

However, the original Omega Seamaster Diver 300M design with a classic blue ‘wave’ dial remains the classiest of all times. It was a staple in Bond’s wrists from the 1990s to the early 2000s. Today, we all know it as the James Bond watch!

Brand NEW Omega Seamaster James Bond 60th anniversary watches

1. Seamaster Diver 300M James Bond ‘Stainless Steel’

This one is special as it portrays Omega’s first-ever inclusion into the Bond 007 franchise in 1995. The new Seamaster Diver 300M takes inspiration from the first Omega worn by Pierce Brosnan in Goldeneye. Like the original ‘Bond’ Seamaster, the latest 42mm watch has a dial and bezel, both made of blue oxalic anodised aluminium.

The dial featuring the significant laser-carved waves screams 1995! The fully lumed bezel shows the traditional inverted triangle replaced by “60” and luminescent green dots, linking to the minute hand. And, to add to all of this is a lollipop-shaped second’s hand.

However, the main film-oriented effect is visible on the case backs. Turn the pieces over and see a mechanical ‘moiré’ animation of the iconic sequence of the spinning gun-barrel opening design linked to the running of the central seconds’ hand. This ensures that the action never stops! You could see Bond in silhouette at the centre.

Inside runs the Calibre 8806, and the stylish watch comes on a mesh-style bracelet resembling James Bond’s watch style in the famous ‘No Time To Die’.

2. Seamaster Diver 300M James Bond ‘Canopus Gold™’

While the stainless steel Omega model flaunts some of the humblest metals and a design inspired mainly by the Bond movies, the second one takes a completely different path to impress. The new Omega Seamaster Diver 300M 60 years of James Bond Canopus Gold™ model looks incredibly luxurious. The watch embraces a design inspired by Bond’s creator Ian Fleming’s home in Jamaica. The brand uses its very own Canopus Gold™ to craft this special 42mm timepiece for a long-lasting shine and effect.

Owing to Ian Fleming’s beautiful Jamaican home, Omega crafts the dial from natural grey silicon. No two watches have the same pattern on the dials, thanks to the crystallites. Then there’s the bezel that also pays tribute to the Jamaican flag.

Green and yellow-treated natural diamonds in 10 different tropical shades circle the bezel. From Cognac to forest green, yellow gold, olive and gold Cognac, the bezel dazzles to its full glory. Furthermore, the two additional clear diamonds at 12 o’clock add sparkle to the colourful look.

One thing resembling the stainless steel model is the film-themed case back, which again replicates the famous 007 gun-barrel opening design with Bond in silhouette. Following the same mechanical ‘moiré’ animation pattern, the lollipop seconds’ hand moves, and the dynamic set-up gets in action!

Inside runs the luxury Co-Axial Master Chronometer Calibre 8807, and the beautiful watch presents itself on an 18ct Canopus Gold™ bracelet with buckle.


Marking the 60th anniversary of the special James Bond Franchise, Omega has crafted these two spectacular timepieces, each paying homage to the iconic James Bond character. The watches combine impressive materials with a fantastic design infused with a touch of filminess.

Given that both the releases are released to celebrate 60 years of James Bond, they are more likely to be popular as collectors or investment timepieces. This means they would always receive an eye-popping value when you sell watches. Therefore it only makes sense if they run at a high price, especially the diamond-set version.

What better than the James Bond models for anyone wondering how to kick off the festive season? Not to mention, these are Special and not Limited Edition watches. So, you can grab them from the nearest store.



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