Myths and Facts About Critical Illness & Importance of Critical Illness Insurance

Suffering from a life threatening disease might prove to be draining not only physically but also financially. To provide relief from this financial burden a Critical Illness health insurance plan might be opted. A Critical Illness health insurance plan is a medical insurance plan that covers the magnified expenses that tag along with the specific life threatening disease.

Selecting the right medical insurance under this category might be tricky. People often tend to ignore the minute details of the plan.

Various individuals don’t understand the technical aspects to the coverage that generally results in arising misconceptions.

This has thus caused myths in the minds of people that are supposed to be busted.

Myth 1

A Critical health insurance plan covers all the ailments . This understanding is a complete myth.


The actual fact is that the critical Illness health insurance plan covers only specific diseases and conditions. Its benefits are only limited to the scope of the medical insurance selected . The insurance policy provides reimbursement for only those ailments mentioned under the detail policy of the insurance plan.

Myth 2

If a person is diagnosed with a disease mentioned in the plan , then he or she is surely eligible for the claim. If this is what you are thinking then think again .


With a medical Critical insurance policy comes tons of terms and conditions which have to be kept in mind at the time of the claim. It is not necessary that the mentioned disease, if diagnosed, would definitely fall under the category of a successful reimbursement.

For example , according to the specifics of the generalized Critical health insurance plan , only the first heart attack is covered with the claim. So if a person experiences a heart attack after purchasing the claim but it’s not the first one , then no imbursements would be provided.

Myth 3

A Critical health insurance plan covers all types of cancers . This is a very common myth in the minds of people regarding the reimbursement for the expenses of cancers.


Cancer might be on the list of the diseases covered in the policy of the insurance but it may still not hold valid during reimbursement.  A policy covers the costs of cancers but only specific cancers. All cancers don’t come under the category of a Critical health insurance plan.

Myth 4

There is a predicting age criteria for a Critical Illness health insurance policy . This statement is a complete myth.


There is no age criteria or age limit for adopting a Critical Illness health insurance plan. Due to change in  lifestyle with fast paced growing times , even youngsters are diagnosed with Critical ailments leaving almost Noone completely safe from the radiation of having a Critical Illness. Thus these plans have no age limits providing benefits for people of all age groups.

Myth 5

It is often believed that since it is a Critical Illness Insurance plan therefore its premium mentioned in the policy would be very high making it un accessible to various people.


Critical insurance policies are of various types with premiums of different ranges. It is not necessary that the premium has to be super high for this plan. Comparison of various plans is the key to finding the perfect Critical Illness medical plan best suited for your requirements and needs.

Myth 6

A pre-existing Illness makes the person eligible for taking up a Critical Illness Insurance plan.


A pre-existing illness doesn’t make any person stand ineligible for a Critical insurance plan. A pre-existing condition might require the person to undergo a few health check ups before the adoption of the plan . It might also increase the premium due to higher medical risks , but it does not make a person ineligible.

Importance of Critical Illness health insurance

  • Covering medical expenses

The most important and essential part of buying a Critical Illness Insurance plan , is that it covers up all the medical expenses related to it. With times of increased expenses ahead, paying a lump sum amount for health suddenly might prove to be super draining for the pocket. Thus opting for a plan is always the best option to save oneself from such huge expenditures.

  • Increased chances of survival

Having a Critical Illness might prove to be very difficult for people financially. Covering huge finances often becomes a burden making people not opting for treatment thus risking their life even more. Medical insurance on the other hand proves to be the wisest option that saves people from such burden thus increasing their chances for better appropriate treatment and survival .

  • Coverage for wide range of illnesses under a single plan

A Critical Illness Insurance policy proves to be a blessing for people suffering from various ailments. It covers most of the diseases thus proving to be super beneficial for such people making their payments stress and hassle free .This solitary plan proves to be the best for such users.


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