Luxury watches: A journey through time

From time immemorial, timekeeping has been a constant field of innovation, with a constant push for more and more accuracy. Initially, timekeeping consisted of placing wooden sticks on the ground where the shadows created by the sunlight determined the time.

There are a lot of devices available in the market right now which do the job of timekeeping extremely well, but there is a branch of watches that are not only just a timekeeping piece but also a fashion statement, we are talking about luxury and premium watches. 

The interesting fact is that when watches were first invented and commercialized, they were extremely expensive and all the watches that were being sold were luxury products and were sought after by the rich and famous. Vintage brands of old, like Vacheron Constantin, Jaquet Droz, Audemars Piguet, etc. are just some examples of brands of watches whose products have been in high demand throughout. Now, with the advent of online shopping and eCommerce, the selling channels for premium watches have increased manifold and one can shop professional watches or luxury watches from the comfort of their homes.

Now, let us look at some examples of luxury watch brands that are arguably the best that is available now. 


  • Rolex- When it comes to watches, it cannot get anything better than this. This company started its journey as Wilsdorf and Davis in London in 1905. The company later shifted to Switzerland for economic purposes. Known for their luxury and designer timepieces, Rolex boasts of handcrafted exquisiteness and exclusivity in every watch they manufacture. Rolex sells both watches for men’s and women watches online and also through online retailers. 


  • Omega- Established in 1848, and after a lot of corporate mergers and renamings, Omega SA is currently a part of the swatch group and is known for their specialized and premium timepieces like the Seamaster, constellations, etc. Omegas are available through both online and offline channels.

  • Rado- Another major swiss watch manufacturer, Rado is renowned for the usage of exotic materials and innovative designs and technologies in each one of their watches. Rado was established in 1917 and is a part of the swatch group as well. 

  • Breguet- One of the oldest watchmakers in the world, Breguet started as a luxury watchmaker in 1775 and its history is greatly intertwined with royalty and monarchy. The Bourbon monarch, King Louis XVI is known to have bought multiple watches for himself and Queen Marie- Antoinette. Breguet enjoys the reputation of crafting quirky but high-quality watches from exotic materials. 


  • The Apple watch- When one considers to shop professional watches online or off-the-shelf, nothing comes close to the functionality and the quality offered by the apple watch. First launched in 2015, the apple watch not only serves as a timekeeping gem but also a mini smartphone and fitness band.


The allure of these watches lies in the fact that they are associated with power, wealth, and high standing in society. Someone donning a watch made by Rolex is certainly attached to the usage of finer things in life and will command respect wherever they go. 

These watches also serve as collectibles for many who might be nurturing the hobby of collecting fine timepieces and rare or special watches. Since these luxury watches are pretty exclusive, their value as collectibles seldom goes down and they become much sought after as time passes by. 

Lastly. Luxury and professional watches are great at doing what they do best, which is telling the time. They are extremely accurate, have a high degree of precision about them, and are so well made that if maintained properly, they can last for generations in the best of conditions. 

The watch industry has evolved immensely as time has passed. Gone are the days when such watches could only be ordered to be custom-made by a master watchmaker and then treasured for centuries. Nowadays, almost all watchmakers have multiple distribution channels. The corporate structure has transformed as well where a few big corporations, like the swatch group, owns a lot of brands and companies under its wings. 

As the scenario transforms, online retail on luxury and professional watches may just be the future. The luxury watch brands are perceived to be slow to adopt but a number of them have moved online nowadays. Nowadays, one can procure professional and women watches online and can enjoy the prestige and satisfaction that comes with them. 

Final take:

The market for luxury, professional watches has evolved immensely as we just saw. It is preferable for someone to shop professional watches online. Very few things in life can bring the joy of owning a Rolex or an omega. Just make sure that you maintain the watches properly and in a way that the manufacturers recommend so that you can use them for ages or create an amazing collection of watches out of them. 


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