Microsoft Certification

Know how important Microsoft Certification is for a student

We live in the twenty-first century, marked by outstanding technological advancements. Therefore, learning and developing your IT skills is a good idea in a period where data and technology play a significant role in day-to-day life and the professional world. Moreover, since the demand for IT skills is rising, it is always advisable to start preparing for your future early. This is a reason why students should choose to learn about development and programming with Microsoft online courses.

What is a Microsoft Certification?

Microsoft has several Certification Paths, with over 250 certification courses. These certifications can be classified as Role-based, Speciality and Fundamental certifications.

  • Role-based certification

Starting with role-based certification, these help you expand your skills and showcase your expertise. Though these target a more knowledgeable or experienced audience, it does not mean a student cannot opt for this path. Most of Microsoft’s Certifications are in this category.

  • Speciality Certifications

These certifications are targeted at high-level professionals looking to deepen their skill set to manage Industry Solutions. Therefore, it has limited use for students without much practical experience.

  • Microsoft Fundamental Certification

Finally, Microsoft Fundamentals Certifications are an excellent option for students wanting to learn the basics of Microsoft skills And those wishing to build their careers with Microsoft products.

Which Microsoft Certificates are Suitable for Students?

While most Microsoft Certificates are intended for professionals with hands-on experience using Microsoft technologies, students can prepare and successfully clear the fundamental courses at the beginner level. However, the most useful for students is the Microsoft Office certificates, which can enhance a student’s skill in using various applications like Microsoft Access, PowerPoint, Project, Publisher, etc.

Students with a greater interest in cloud computing and artificial intelligence will find the following certifications incredibly beneficial for their future careers.

  • Microsoft Certified: Azure AI Fundamentals
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure AI Engineer Associate
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Security Engineer Associate

Apart from the certifications, students can also take the Microsoft artificial intelligence or cloud security exams to test their knowledge.

Why is it important for students to get a Microsoft Certification?

A Microsoft certification can validate your skills and knowledge, simultaneously making your credentials much more relevant to the current IT industry. In addition, a certification can help prospective employers know how valuable you are as a professional, and it is especially important for students starting their careers.

  • Develop Essential Microsoft Skills

Microsoft certification training is the best way to develop your Microsoft skills and knowledge. In addition, the certification training allows you to access authentic Microsoft study guides and resources.

  • Greater Visibility in the Professional Arena

Once you enter the professional world, you need to enhance your credentials to increase your visibility among the rest. Microsoft certifications are recognised globally by major organisations, making them extremely valuable. Therefore, adding your Microsoft-certified achievements to your credentials can help increase your visibility.

  • Validating Skills

It is crucial to provide certifications that validate your existing or new skills in the professional world. Moreover, Microsoft certifications can increase your trustworthiness to employers.

How To Become A Microsoft Certified Professional

You can become a Microsoft-certified professional by passing the Microsoft exams and earning certificates and badges. Most Microsoft certifications and exams can cost around ₹3000 to 5000. Moreover, students taking the exam outside India can avail the special student discounts. In addition, the fundamental and associate-level certifications suitable for students do not require renewal and are valid for a lifetime. Therefore, getting a Microsoft certification is worth the investment.


A Microsoft Certification adds an extra advantage to your skill set, giving you a certain edge in the professional field. Therefore as a student, you should consider getting a Microsoft Certification to get a headstart and make yourself stand out from the crowd in the professional world.





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