How to improve your English vocabulary to ace the IELTS exam?

As we all know, all the people aiming to migrate abroad for a better future must clear the IELTS exam to ease the process of settling in abroad. But if you believe it is as easy as it seems, you are not right here. Because sometimes it is difficult to express your thoughts in a language to which you are not accustomed. But if you try to get a stronghold over some important tips and tools then this can improve your success in the IELTS exam. One of such tips and tools is improving English vocabulary. 

It is astonishing that IELTS doesn’t conduct any separate test to check the proficiency in the vocabulary of a test taker. But no test taker can pass the IELTS exam without having a good knowledge of vocabulary. 

Before enrolling yourself for the IELTS exam date, you must practice hard to become proficient in English vocabulary. Because this will help you explain your thoughts precisely and clearly. 

Here, we have written some important tips that can help you improve your vocabulary to ace the IELTS exam. 

Read the recognized dictionary

Please note that you must try to improve your English vocabulary even if you are not desiring to migrate abroad. Because all the MNCs who are going to conduct campus placements in your college will also give priority to the candidates who can communicate in the English language. Therefore, carry a dictionary with you so that you can read it in your free time. You can download an English dictionary on your smartphone but this will distract you. Moreover, learning the words in an organized manner can help you remember them easily. But you must keep a recognized dictionary with you that explains the actual meanings of a word. You can prefer English to English, English to Hindi, or English to the regional language. 

Learn words with patience

Have you decided to learn 50 words daily? Well, before making that decision let us remind you that there can be different meanings of a single word. So, avoid learning so many words in a day because it can confuse you. You have to learn every word with patience. Give time to a word you have learned by creating some examples. Note that you have to take a glance at the pronunciation and examples to catch their accurate sense. For this, we advise you to prepare a notebook in which you can write 5 examples that you have created. Make sure the examples you are creating are accurate. 

Some interesting ways to enhance your vocabulary

Watching movies or reading novels will surely help you get a stronghold over the English vocabulary. Hence, don’t ignore any word that comes to your eyes. Instead of ignoring this word, retain it in your mind and then search for its actual meaning on google. Moreover, try to use these words in your daily life. You must come across a situation that can help you apply this word suitably in the conversation. But make sure you have learned the actual meaning of the word. 

Avoid reading the meaning of the words. Instead of cramming the meanings, try to analyze the actual meaning of the words. Try to relate them with examples. Then ask yourself if this word perfectly fits here. Moreover, increase your knowledge of synonyms, antonyms, homonyms, and homophones. 

Use technology to improve your vocabulary

There are some efficient apps that can help you improve your vocabulary and pronunciation. You can download all of them easily on your smartphone for free. Even google can also help you learn synonyms and antonyms. Moreover, you can also check the actual pronunciation on google. Not only this, but even google assistant can also help you improve the pronunciation of the words. If you lisp then let us tell you that English is very easy to speak if you try it with a positive mind. 

Are you feeling confident to appear for the IELTS/PTE exam? If yes, then enroll yourself for a suitable IELTS/PTE exam date. To check the suitable exam dates, you can visit the official website of the exam conducting body. 


Please accept that good vocabulary can help you give your answer during the test precisely. You have to add learning three words daily as a daily activity to your schedule. This will definitely help you become proficient in English vocabulary. 


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