Mediclaim Policy

Important Points To Remember Before Choosing Mediclaim Policy

A Mediclaim policy is an insurance plan bought by people to cover their medical expenses prudently. Policies from companies like Aditya Birla health insurance have many advantages, but choosing one is difficult because they vary in terms of how much coverage they provide. Additionally, some companies have miscellaneous provisions that can make you ineligible for payments unless you know what you’re doing. Therefore, before purchasing a Mediclaim policy, it’s important to understand the features and limitations of each plan.

The most obvious difference between a Mediclaim policy and regular health insurance is how much coverage each plan provides. Here is a quick check of the 8 things which you must take into account before choosing a Mediclaim policy for yourself or your family.

Benefits of Mediclaim policy

1. Age Factor:

When it comes to Mediclaim policy, age is one of the most vital key factors. While buying Mediclaim insurance from any trusted company like Aditya Birla health insurance, you have to keep in mind the family members’ age who needs to be covered. In addition to that, when purchasing insurance coverage, make sure you are checking the age limit criteria. Though there are some insurance plans that do not have any age restrictions. So, you have to choose the option accordingly and wisely.

2. Premium and Coverage Plan:

It can be worthwhile to buy Aditya Birla health insurance with the lowest premium. A Mediclaim policy with a minimum premium can be good if it gives you widespread coverage for the premium rate you are paying. So, the best tactic is to check for the ins and outs behind a minimum premium, as it must not be at the price of your total coverage. You should purchase a Mediclaim policy that offers satisfactory coverage, without negotiating the benefits.

3. Waiting Period:

Before buying any policy, one must be aware of the waiting period clause so that s/he has a piece of better knowledge to make a decision. The insurer will not accept any claims which are submitted for any pre-existing illnesses during the waiting period. This waiting time limit can range anywhere between 2 to 4 years which again depends on the insurer and the plan that you have opted for. Only when the waiting period is over, can you claim the benefits. Before buying a Mediclaim policy, please refer to the list of pre-existing illnesses the insurer mentioned in the policy so that you can choose your plan wisely.

4. Cashless Benefits:

Usually, Health Insurance companies like Aditya Birla health insurance have a tie-up with the local hospitals as their network where the policyholders can get cashless treatment. Opting for this will save you a tremendous amount of time you will spend filling out papers while getting admitted to the hospital and submitting them for the claim. Here the insurance company directly pays the network hospital. So, you don’t need to worry about arranging funds to pay hefty hospital bills. Choose your insurer wisely by checking their network hospitals.

5. Hospitalisation Coverage:

Many are not aware that most medical insurance plans cover the medical expenses that are spent before, during, and after the period of hospitalisation. Always analyse this point and buy a plan that covers the overheads acquired by both pre and post-hospitalisation charges including ambulance charges, fees for medical tests, medicines, and doctors.

6. Maternity Coverage:

Many people make a common mistake by not noticing the maternity reimbursements in a Mediclaim policy. For claiming your maternity benefits also, there is a waiting period of 24 to 48 months before you can claim the amount. For example, if you are planning to get married or have a child soon, like within 3 years then a policy with a waiting time of 24 months will be the best for you. Keep all these things in mind and choose a plan that also covers the infant’s medical expenditures separately from the delivery fee. Always be aware of the limitations that are included in the plan.

7. No-Claim-Bonus:

No-Claim-Bonus (NCB) denotes the concession provided by the insurance companies like Aditya Birla health insurance for all the years you have not filed a reimbursement. The coverage amount will be amplified at the time of succeeding policy regenerations for all the claim-free years. NCBs have a certain limit which is specified by the insurer.

8. Health Check-ups:

The fee for all the preventive health check-ups like cardiac diseases, cancer screenings, and MRIs have already gone up. You can cover this check-up cost in your Mediclaim policy, and by doing this, you can undeniably save some money. While deciding upon a Mediclaim policy make sure that you are checking the reimbursement limit of preventive health check-ups as well.

Choosing a good Mediclaim plan can be difficult. Thanks to the many factors that go into choosing one. However, knowing what benefits your plan provides can ease those worries. Additionally, following doctors’ orders when receiving treatment ensures that your insurance company will reimburse you for necessary medical expenses. Plus, knowing how to file claims easily is essential if you want the insurance company to reimburse you quickly for necessary medical treatments.


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