Double Glazing

How Double Glazing works and why does PVC Windows make it better?

One of the most vital aspects of home ownership is Energy Efficiency. Besides saving electric costs, energy-efficient homes also minimize the carbon footprint to a great extent and thus contributing to making the environment cleaner. But are you aware of the fact that nowadays, building fixtures can also help in ensuring that your home is energy-efficient?  Wondering how? Well, the answer is simple- it is Double Glazing in Belfast.

What is the science behind Double Glazed Windows?

It is the exceptional ability of double-glazed panes to keep the home interiors warm and also their diverse features of them that make them one of the top priorities of homeowners. Besides being energy-efficient, these windows with Double Glazing in Belfast help reduce external noises and thus keep you and your loved ones away from unwanted disturbances. The science behind Double Glazing in Belfast is not much complicated. It works in three effective ways:

  • Keeps the PVC Windows in NI and the frame draught-free.

  • Fends off heat loss through the windows.

  • Functions as an insulator just as cavity wall insulation works.

Double Glazed PVC Windows in NI have two panes instead of the prototypical single pane, which are separated by a gap known as the space bar. The space bar is used to create a vacuum between the panes or filled with inert gas. No matter how the space bar functions, its main purpose is to minimize the transfer of heat into the interiors of your house, keeping it comfortable and cool throughout the day.

The PVC Windows in NI are widely known as ‘energy-efficient’ homes. Have a look at two of its major benefits worth mentioning:

(1) Reduced Condensation:

If there is moisture on the window panes, condensation is sure to occur. This is because the windows are cooler than the air inside the interior space of your home. With windows that have Double Glazing in Belfast, condensation can be reduced to a great extent. The Double Glazing helps in maintaining both the pane’s interior and the air temperature closer to each other. Yes, condensation seems to be a non-serious topic but the consequences can be detrimental. If there is excessive condensation, it can lead to the formation of mold and mildew. This, in turn, leads to serious health problems.

(2) Keeps your Interiors Intact:

Designing your home’s interior requires you to put in a lot more effort, no point denying that. PVC Windows with Double Glazing in Belfast helps ensure that your efforts are sustained. You might have noticed that after some point of time, the colors of some of your furniture/cabinetry and some interior decors fade away. This happens mainly because of the excessive UV radiation of the sun. Furthermore, you might have noticed that when there is extreme rain, the interior of your home feels damp. Such issues often cause internal damage, which may go unnoticed. Windows with Double Glazing in Belfast can ensure complete insulation and safeguard all of your valuable interior décor items, furniture, and cabinetry from any damage.

The Benefits of installing PVC Windows

PVC is a standard material used in windows but have you ever considered the advantages of selecting PVC Windows in NI over other products. Here are the benefits of choosing PVC Windows.

(1) Customizable:

Most of the PVC Windows in NI comes in white. But, with developments in the manufacturing process, nowadays homeowners are no longer limited to color options. Moreover, they have a wide series of tailor-made styles, shapes, and imitation effects like wood grain to choose from when it comes to PVC Windows.

(2) Security:

When it comes to a window or door installation, what becomes paramount is the security of your property or home. This is where PVC Windows in NI exceeds expectations. An ultra-light yet sturdy frame which is used in conjunction with a pane of glass with Double Glazing in Belfast together with various locking combinations will keep the intruders away from breaking into your house.

(3) Insulation:

When it comes to doors and windows, energy efficiency is at the front of everyone’s mind. The material you choose significantly impacts the warmth and the window energy rating of your home. PVC is a low conductor of heat. If fitted properly, PVC Windows in NI, it forms a closed air system, which reduces the heat loss, experienced by non-insulating materials.

(4) Low Maintenance:

Unlike natural materials which require varnishing, annual sanding, and repainting. PVC Windows in NI can last for decades with absolutely no signs of weathering. You only need to occasionally wipe down clean with soapy water to remove grime or dirt and prevent staining.