Hoteliers Financial Success with Cloud Accounting Software

It’s been a wild year for hospitality world. And many been wondering what does the future hold. But it has made it through, surviving the most devastating period in the industry. Then restrictions lifted, hotels have reopened, and travel started up again in the U.S., often faster than we expected, and hoteliers began to turn back on the lights. It certainly isn’t alike as it used to be earlier, but one thing to be learnt is future in unpredictable. So to be future-ready and forward-thinking hotel leading one must transform their working procedures and accounting is one of the most important aspect amongst.

Accounting software is an essential part of any accountancy practice. It can help you find errors and spot trends in your finances, which helps keep you at the top of your game.

Whether it’s a small limited-service business or a multinational hotel chain, accounting software can save you time and money. Accountants can use it to swiftly generate financial reports and invoices, upload data from a variety of sources, and upload hotel transactions. AI tools in cloud accounting solution also detect the slightest error before it becomes a major issue and are designed that even novice users can find their way around without any difficulty.

The hotel industry is one of the heaviest users of accounting software in the world. But not all cloud-based hotel accounting software is created equal!

There are countless benefits to using cloud-based accounting software, one of the chief ones being that it simplifies the process for accountants and managers.Cloud-based accounting software allows you to access your data from anywhere on any device with internet connection– this is especially helpful for accountants and managers who travel often or simply prefer working remotely.

This also allows for better communication between accounting and management teams– accountants can access and share information with their managers in real time.

business owners have a hard time seeing the value of using accounting software, instead focusing on what the software can do for their accountants and bookkeepers. But if you are like most owners you actually don’t want to spend all your time managing your business finances. You want to focus on growing your business, becoming a hotel excellence leader and creating an amazing guest experience. If you are reading this article then you probably want to spend less time tracking how much it costs to run your business and more time making sure that every guest has a great experience. If so then you need accounting software that balances the demands of both accountants and managers.

So roll up your sleeves and read the following well-articulated blog to explore more how cloud-based hotel accounting solutions empower you to reimagine success, while simplifying your accountants and managers work.

1) Data entry – Processing data from dozens or even hundreds of transactions have never been faster than with capable accounting software that can be programmed to automatically extract numbers from emails or text messages. You don’t have to worry about incorrectly transcribing numbers from one place to another, and your practice will save time and money.

No more data entry. Seriously, no more data entry! Most accounting software allows you to import your bank statement and credit card, so that your accountant never even needs to key it in. This saves them literally hours of time every month.

2) Cash flow management – Knowing where you stand financially is an essential part of being a successful business owner. Hotel accounting software can help you understand your cash flow, when your money is coming in and how long it will take to pay your bills. You’ll know when it’s time to take action and can use the income from the business to handle urgent expenses without facing cash flow issues.

Is accounting software worth the investment? Yes! Using a good one can save you days, weeks or even months of time every year, which means that using accounting software is actually an investment in yourself and your business. It gives you peace of mind and a better cash flow management system.

3) Increased efficiency – Accountancy software like Nimble Property can help with increased efficiency. With Nimble, you can make your practice more efficient by integrating PMS, which means daily sales are accessible to your accountants and managers wherever they are. You don’t have to wait around for email attachments or request that the data be re-entered into the software – it’s all there waiting for you. Nimble also allows automatic updates from multiple ledgers and accounts, which means less time spent replicating data and more time working on complex accounts for your business venture.

4) Reporting – Good accounting software will allow you to produce professional reports with a few clicks of a mouse. Reports can be delivered through email, fax, or hard copy. You can also set up a live dashboard to give you a quick glance of your finances and statistics, which helps you to view trends and alert you to financial problems. Accounting software will save you hours in reporting time every month by providing simple reports that give you the information you need to keep growing your business effectively.

5) Business intelligence – If you’re using accounting software that pulls data from several sources like tax returns, business bank statements and credit card receipts, then it’s time for a business intelligence report – an invaluable tool for finding patterns in your business’ data. You can look at the accounts in different ways to help you find patterns in your cash flow and identify trends that may be falling behind the competition.


Are you struggling with your accounts? Does it feel like you are constantly doing backups of your file in Excel and then the data gets overwritten by a new month? Or maybe you have accounting software that is too hard to use, or doesn’t really bridge the gap between what an accountant does and what a manager or owner expects. If this sounds like you then it’s time for something different, something better: Cloud-based Hotel Accounting Software Simplifies Your Accountant’s & Manager’s Work. Worth investing in!