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Here’s the Best Way to Get Divorce Real Estate Leads

Divorce is something that can never be called easy. It is a stressful time and an emotional roller-coaster for both parties involved. Couples who are splitting apart many times are compelled to sell their home for legal, personal, or financial reasons. There is high chance that the house holds a lot of the couple’s equity and in most cases is their greatest asset. Fortunately, there are real estate investors who can help you dispose of the property.

Divorce Real Estate Leads- How to get them?

Are you a real estate investor? Then, you might be wondering which is the best way to get Divorce Real Estate Leads. To put it simply, you should look for websites that provide the list of these properties using the divorce filing list.

Divorce Filling list is considered a highly valuable but lesser utilized form of lead generation for agents, real estate investors, as well as other allied businesses. This is why they can act as excellent sources of deal flow with far less competition, while at the same time, ensuring a truly high-value service to the divorcing couple.

Divorce Filing Lists: Why use them?

Similar to vacant property, bankruptcy, and foreclosure lists, Divorce Filing signal a form of distress thereby entailing the need for the services of a real estate investor. It applies whether you are executing wholesale real estate leads, flipping houses, lending your private capital, or simply building a portfolio of rental properties.

Multiple housing needs come to the forefront with divorce and separations. The involved parties are highly motivated to take quick action. At the very least, somebody is probably moving out of a house that they shared with their spouse.

In case there are adult children, parents, or in-laws living in that home, then they will also have to go their way. Divorce Real Estate Leads, be it a single one can turn into many opportunities for helping people while at the same time earning fair compensation in the process. Once you serve these people during their crisis, you can win their business for life.

How to make use of Divorce Leads to find Real Estate Leads?

Divorce is a very sensitive situation beyond any doubt. And this should never be considered as an opportunity for real estate investors to squeeze distressed property owners into selling out cheaply. But it should be considered as an excellent chance to help them. Divorce should be looked at as an opportunity to serve and offer value. A part of that can be to sell the property at a fair price.

The parties involved in Divorcing are already hurting. If you wish to pull off a deal, you would rather have to reduce their stress and bickering instead of adding to the fire. You need to be very careful in the manner in which you contact them. Obviously, you would not knock on their door and declare that you know that they are divorcing in front of their children who might be unaware of it. And this is something that would make things worse. Phone, text, mail, and social media to gather Divorce Real Estate Leads work best.

What is the usual cause of a Probate Sale?

A case of a Probate Sale arises when a homeowner dies, while still owing significant debts. If that is the case, then some of the properties that you own, such as your home will be sold in order to satisfy the demands of your creditors. This can happen when your estate doesn’t have the required cash to meet its claims.

How to sell your home through the Probate Sale Process?

First up, the executor who is appointed by the court will have the duty of overseeing the sale of your property, and that also includes your home. A full appraisal of the value of all of the various assets in the estate will then be ordered by the court. Once the market value of your home has been determined, the court will set an official listing price.

Then, the executor has to petition the court in order to obtain permission to sell the home. This can only occur when at least one buyer has locked in an offer. It is at this point that heirs or other beneficiaries will receive a notification. So long as no one chooses to file an objection the sale can move forward with permission from the court.

All potential buyers will have to officially submit their bids by appearing in court. The one who bids the highest wins. Then, they need to submit a cheque for at least 10% of the sale price to the executor. So, that was the entire process of Probate Sale.



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