Sandhan Valley Trek

Guide for beginners to the Sandhan Valley Trek


Sandhan Valley, which is not able to reach the ravines by the sun’s rays, is also known as Valley of Shadows. A spectacular canyon can be found in the Sahyadri Mountains. This is one of the most enjoyable and challenging treks in Sahyadri.

Sandhan Valley is located near Igatpuri near Bhandardara and offers an unforgettable adventure experience. It’s not just about trekking; you can also rappel, climb rock, camp under the stars and have bonfires. Sandhan, also known as AMK, is a natural canyon that lies between the AMK forts Alang, Madan and Kulang. This trek is known for its remoteness, great photo opportunities, and off the beaten path trail.

Facts to Remember

Samrad village is located within Maharashtra’s Ahmednagar District. Trek Time: 5 Hours Difficulty Level: Moderate-Hardy Altitude: Descending Valley trek approximately 200 feet deep and 2 kms long Trek Time Time: 5 Hours Difficulty Level: Moderate-Hardy

What is the best time for a hike in Sandhan Valley’s Sandhan Valley?

Sandhan Valley can be climbed at any time, except in the summer. The trek becomes more difficult when it gets hot and humid. Sandhan Valley Treks are memorable and fun in winter, autumn, or even monsoon season.

How to get there and where to go

To reach Samrad village, you must first travel to Kasara/Igatpuri.

Road: You can rent a car to drive to Samrad village. Distance between Mumbai and Sandhan Valley: approximately 200 km. Travel time is 4 to 5 hours. You can also take a state transport bus from Mumbai or Pune, to Igatpuri–Ghoti. From there, buses to Bhandardara and then a shared jeep for Samrad village.

Rail: Take a train from Mumbai to Kasara. Take the Kasara Fast Train from CST. Reserve a shared jeep for Samrad when you arrive in Kasara. There are many shared jeep rides. You can also take a train long distance to get to your destination.

Route for Trekking

You can start your trek from Samrad, and within a few hours you will be walking through shallow water bodies between 2 and 4 feet deep. You’ll reach Tarzan Swing Point on the way down. Here you can rappel and use a rope ladder to do some cave crawling.

You’ll then descend to hike through rock patches. You will find deep water pools, large rocks, and the campsite spot. From your vantage point, you will see Ajoba Hill and Bann Pinnacle.

Journey back

Continue to descend from the pond via gentle slopes and a riverbed trekking to Dehne village. There are buses to Asangaon Station. You can also return to Samrad by following the same route and take a shared jeep. Or, you could stay at Bhandardara to enjoy a longer vacation.

You’ll then descend to hike through rock patches. You will find deep water pools, large rocks, and then your camping spot. From your vantage point, you will see Ajoba Hill and Bann Pinnacle.


For a self-drive vehicle from Mumbai to Bhandardara (round trip), travel costs can range between Rs 5000 and Rs 8000. Prices for train tickets start at Rs. Prices for train tickets range from Rs. 1000 to Rs. 1200. (return fare).

A shared jeep costs Rs 50 per head. A bus ticket from Mumbai to Bhandardara costs Rs. 600 to Rs. 800.

You can camp in your tent overnight at the Gorge campsite. The cost of a night in Samrad village is between Rs. 500 to Rs. 800. A budget-friendly way to stay in Bhandardara starts at Rs. Food: The cost of food during the journey will be between Rs. 200 to Rs. 600.

The cost of a trek operator will be between Rs. Between Rs. 1600 and Rs.

Tourist Attractions

Forts AMK

You can hike uphill only if you aren’t exhausted from the Sandhan Valley Trek. These climbs are difficult, so you can take a break in Bhandardara before going back to trekking.

Fort Ratangad

For another exciting trek, take a moderately difficult ascent from Bhandardara up to Ratangad Fort.

Nanhe Ghat Waterfalls

Just a few kilometres from the base camp is Ratanwadi’s beautiful waterfall.

Attractions in Bhandardara

You can visit the beautiful waterfalls of Bhandardara such as Umbrella Falls and Kalsubai Peak.

Attractions in Igatpuri

Take a trip to Igatpuri (about an hour away) and have a look around.

Safety and Travel Advice

First-time trekkers should not attempt this trek without the help of a guide.

This trek will test your endurance. If you have high blood pressure, a medical condition or a weak heart, please stay away.

You will need to bring some energy bars, insect repellent and a windbreaker.

Use a lightweight backpack and pack light.

Sandhan’s village will provide enough water. It is possible that the water flowing from the trail streams might be dangerous to drink.

There are no facilities for toilets along the trail unless the operator has installed a porta potty.


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