Eyebrows Talk

Eyebrows Talk – Give Them A Sharper Edge With These Methods

Get Structured Eyebrows With These Eyebrow Shaping Methods

Have you ever heard The Eyebrow Story by Peter H. Reynolds? No? Let us tell you; there was a boy who went on an adventure with his eyebrows, he noticed how his eyebrows always changed shape, but he learnt how unique they are and started to love and care for them. The story teaches us to inspire love in what we possess, and we hardly love our eyebrows. They build our facial structure and bring sensuousness to our features. And the least we can do is keep them in shape and perfect health.

There are plenty of ways to frame your eyebrows, from home remedies like tweezing to professional assistance at Eyebrow studio Huntington Beach. You can stick to any method to get desired eyebrows shape (sleek or bushy). In this post, you will learn different ways to shape your eyebrows, but first, understand how to get the desired eyebrow frame.

How To Frame Your Eyebrows At Home?

Eyebrow shaping is not rocket science, but it certainly is not an anybody-can-do kind of task. You need to be precise while framing your eyebrows, or you will end up ruining them completely. This step-by-step guide will help you.

  1. Take a long piece of thread (about the size of your forearm).
  2. Mark the thread fully using a pencil or charcoal.
  3. Now take an end of the thread to the side of your nose, and take its other side from the corner of your eyes, to the end of your eyebrow and mark it.
  4. Without shifting the thread piece from your nose, lift the thread’s other end from the eye’s other corner to mark the eyebrow’s other end.
  5. Again without moving the thread’s nose end, take another side from the pupil to the highest peak of the eyebrow and mark it.
  6. After marking all three points, move to the second eyebrow and repeat steps 3, 4, and 5.
  7. This is the last step of framing your eyebrows; join the highest and lowest points of the eyebrows, achieving a symmetrical shape.

We hope you now understand how to frame your eyebrows; if you still have any more doubts about the process, refer to a video to understand better.

Ways to shape your eyebrows

After framing your eyebrows, it’s now time to give them the desired shape. The eyebrow shaping methods can be a dreadful task at first, but you will soon master your skills and imagine the amount you will save every month while looking absolutely gorgeous.

Let’s now move to the most awaited part, how to get the perfect eyebrow shape.


Tweezing is evidently the easiest method of shaping your eyebrows. Get your tweezers and pull the hair from the roots outside the framed eyebrow shape. If the pain is too much, you can try tweezing after taking a hot water bath so that your pores are open and hair follicles lose.


Shaving your legs and hands can be easy, but eyebrow shaving is on a whole different level. Apply aloe vera gel or another cream to your eyebrows to get them straight, and scissor the extra length of eyebrow hair. Use small strokes to remove unwanted hair. Be careful with the blade, it can cut your eye skin and remove extra hair.


Achieving a hand at threading and learning to do it on your own is a feat worth celebrating. If you know how to do your own threading, well and good, just remove the hair outside the eyebrow frame you have drawn. However, if you haven’t yet mastered the skill, help from a professional will be in your best interest.


Waxing your eyebrows can be one of the most satisfying things. Set your eyebrow hair flat, remove extra hair length through scissors and then apply wax and pull in the opposite hair direction. After waxing, forget not to moisturize the area and do not repeat the procedure twice on any region. The transformation is drastic and sudden and will leave you wanting more.


Sugaring is a natural alternative to waxing and is also evident in resulting in slower hair regrowth. Make the sugaring paste required (sugar + water) and then apply it and then remove, in the direction of hair growth. If components of waxing don’t suit your skin, sugaring is worth giving a try.

You can learn how to make the paste required for sugaring through videos, and learn how to use it on your hands or legs first. Move to the significant part like eyebrows only when you are completely sure of your skills.

End Note!

When you are threading, waxing or shaving your eyebrows, remember to stick to the lines (eyebrow frame) you drew. Practice at less prone areas before moving to eyebrows and always moisturize near the eyebrow area after shaping them or it can result in a rash or tiny bumps.


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