Liposuction surgeon

How to choose the best Liposuction surgeon in Dubai?

Having excessive fats in the body may temp an individual to undergo a fat removal operation. In this case, several questions may arise in the individual’s mind. These could be, where to get the surgery from? How to choose the best Liposuction surgeon in Dubai? What would be the results of the treatment? To get the answer to these questions, continue reading the page below.

Liposuction is commonly referred to as a medical procedure aiming at the removal of fatty tissues from underneath the skin. These fatty tissues are a problem physically and aesthetically. physically, not only do they contribute towards the increase in weight but also increase the chance of a person getting many diseases such as diabetes. Aesthetically, they make certain body parts look flabby and fubsy. Owing to these reasons, many people prefer to get them removed. Liposuction in Dubai offers a permanent solution to this problem as it directly removes the tissues by making small cuts to the affected area so that a cannula attached to the suction tube is inserted into the body. This kind of treatment is very effective and produces extraordinary results. In some cases, if optimal results aren’t achieved, a doctor may recommend a follow-up session.

What are the Results of the Surgery?

Immediately after the surgery, swelling around the affected area and retention of fluids underneath the skin may not allow one to notice the results. However, when these go away, one could see a noticeable change in the appearance of the treated part of the body. In some cases, one may not notice the desired results and skin might appear bumpy or loose. In those conditions, a doctor may ask for follow-up surgery to achieve the preferred outcome.


This kind of treatment is beneficial in comparison with other similar treatments for a variety of reasons. For example, it allows you to permanently get rid of fatty issues without any worry of them growing again if you take care of your fitness and general health. Besides this, it helps you look better by getting different parts of the body in a good shape. Finally, it is useful as the process isn’t very complicated and the downtime is very short.

Who can Get the Treatment?

If you are an adult with excessive fats underneath your skin, your doctor may recommend you to undergo liposuction surgery. It might be riskier to have this surgery if you’re not in a good health and have conditions that could further complicate the surgical procedure. Also, it’s not effective to treat stretch marks or other surface-related irregularities or deformities.

Process of Liposuction:

The whole process of liposuction surgery is comprised of the following steps:

a) Anesthesia:

The first step, as in any other surgery, is to numb the affected area to relieve the pain. Local anesthesia is mainly used.

b) The incision:

During the second step, the doctor makes small cuts into the body so that the required solution could be injected which aids the process of removal of fats.

C) Inserting the cannula:

In this step, a cannula is inserted which is attached to the suction tube and suctions the fluid and fats from inside the body.

Criteria for choosing the best surgeon

To choose the best doctor for Cosmetic Surgery in Dubai to get the treatment, it’s very important to keep the following things in mind. Choose the clinic and doctor who has a good reputation and track record. Check if the doctor has the required expertise and professional experience to undertake this kind of task. Make sure the clinic has all the necessary pieces of equipment and provides clear information regarding different methods of liposuction. lastly, choose a clinic that offers you good information and is readily available to answer your queries and concerns.

Things to Consider when Deciding the Surgeon

In order to answer the question “How to choose the best Liposuction surgeon in Dubai?” read the following points:

The surgeon you are choosing must have the medical license to perform the surgery. The operation must be carried out by a certified aesthetic or cosmetic surgeon in Dubai.

The surgeon must have the expertise and specialty to carry out such surgeries. It is recommended that the surgeon chosen is experienced enough in the field so that the risk of complications can be avoided

The surgical results of the surgeon should be checked and their patients contacted to get to know the first-hand experience of the patients and to see what is the percentage of satisfying patients.

In general, doctors who focus on a specific surgical specialization tend to be more knowledgeable and skilled in that field. This typically results in better and more reliable surgical outcomes.

Reviewing the before and after pictures from the surgeon’s surgical portfolio is probably one of the best ways to gauge that person’s expertise and aptitude for performing Liposuction. For more realistic comparison, the majority of serious surgeons take pride in their pictures and standardize the background, lighting, and placement.