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Best hidden Apps You will not find on the Playstore

As you know, 2022 progresses faster than can be imagined. However, there are tons of apps that you may stumble upon and they’re not on the Google Play Store. But, according to our source, these apps will soon be yours.


If you’re not a fan of the official youtube music app and are looking for other options, ViMusic is another great choice. Instead of being a client of the official YouTube Music Services, ViMusic acts as a media player. This means you get access to all songs on Youtube Music without ever needing an account – simply search for the song you want, play it and start listening right away. You can add songs to a playlist or even start a radio from the selected song, plus the app has a clean UI and design and doesn’t have any ads.


The Stealth app lets you explore everything you love about Reddit, without worrying about staying connected if your phone dies. All of this is possible because the Stealth team is committed to user privacy and security and has gone to great lengths to ensure that the app doesn’t take or steal any of your data. Furthermore, the app has a modern new design language and has been completely open-sourced so that people can share the source code with their developers. On Cell Phone Time you can find more of this type of app details.


In other words, now is the first time we’ve seen something like this. The Re-Vanced app is essentially a replacement for the very popular but now discontinued YouTube Vanced application. If you haven’t heard of it YouTube Vanced was essentially a modded version of the youtube app that unlocked a whole host of additional features within the youtube application. But earlier this year the developers announced that the app had been discontinued due to some legal issues and so Re-Vanced is here to fill the void. Now if you want the version that only requires downloading a simple apk then- well you’re in luck because that’ll unlock some simple yet very handy features like ad-free watching and listening background playing as well as picture-in-picture mode which will satisfy most users. But then you can also pick up the source code files from their repo and use them to get the more advanced versions of these apps which will unlock virtually all of the settings found on the originally advanced applications.

Ambient Music Mod

This is a really cool app that emulates features normally exclusive to the pixel device and includes now-playing functionality. If you haven’t heard of this feature, it’ll use the microphones on your phone to listen to sound in your surroundings and also show you the song name and artist on your lock screen when it picks up the song is playing. With ambient music mod, you can activate this same feature on non-pixel devices. If you’re running Android 12, then you can get the app to work simply by using the Shizuku app. If you’re running android 9 10 or 11, then root access will be required. Now it’s smaller than google’s library of songs but it is still pretty impressive that we can get pretty much all the way there just with a third-party app.


If you’re someone who loves reading books, but just can’t quite make the time to do so, what’s the solution? Well, there is a solution for that–Snipdo. It offers short 15-minute book summaries, not only for books but also for articles and podcasts. This means you’ll save time by only reading key takeaways from your readings. The founders have also leveraged insights from neuroscientific research to help readers to retain more information faster over shorter periods of time.


Droid-ify is an open-source app that many of the same things are not available on the Play Store. The only downside to Droid-ify is the design and where it comes in because a lot of devs love to code for it because of its clean functionality. It has a huge list of repos but if you just look like an app that Google could have designed themselves, it’s got some awesome animations. A bunch of categories to help sort out applications and you can even check for updates directly within the application. If you’re a regular user of Droid-ify well then it is seriously worth checking out.

Universal Android Debloater

Have you ever found yourself manually uninstalling apps on your android device? If so, this is the tool for you. It literally runs on your computer, not in the app itself, and allows for USB debugging to be enabled. Just connect your device to your machine and all installed apps will show up. Find the package name of an app, hit uninstall and it’ll take a minute or two (depending on how many apps were installed). The best part is that any apps that are uninstalled are saved under this “uninstalled” section so it’s easy to restore them later. This tool also works on nearly every Android device, such as Huawei, Samsung, Xiaomi, Windows phones, etc. Making it an amazing utility.

URL Checker

It’s a free and open-source application that basically acts as a middleman for URLs and web links. Say you get an email that includes a link to something that you want to open well, instead of just opening it directly. You can share the URL to the URL checker application, which will then open up a new window with extra tools and information related to that URL. You can edit the URL before opening it for anything from removing tracking information (if necessary) to changing it from a redirect to a permanent URL. There’s also an option at the bottom for opening the URL in different apps if applicable.