Top 10 Best Blogs To Know All About Streaming Platforms

The live streaming industry is changing its color day by day. Even a few years back, the technology used changed. Services, business ideas, and trends all are changing. In this rapidly changing media industry, there is only one way to stay up-to-date. It is blogs.
I guess you are aware of blog posts. The blog is the perfect place where you will find every up-to-date real-time news. Although every business has now its own blog section, you get the best information from personal blogs.

If you are new to the Streaming platform or an old player, you will surely help by this article. You are reading this article which means you use a streaming platform for weeks in a year. Now let’s go straight to the content.

1. Dacast

One of the topmost-rated websites is Diecast. It mainly provides information about
· Streaming platform’s protocol.
· Codecs
· Video production and editing
· Encoding technology
· Review on camera, microphones, and other equipment
· OVP or Online Video Platforms

2. Streaming Media

Our next platform on the list is Streaming is a great news source. These blogsite everything about the Streaming platform industry. They have a great library of original articles, case studies, and news updates and they also host webinars.
This blog site also published a yearly list of the most important streaming platform media houses. It’s their audience who voted on this platform.

3. Vzaar Blog

Vzaar is another great blog site in this industry. It is basically a video hosting platform. One of their topmost facility they delivered in china. Moreover, they touch the high-end customer.
Their blog site combined different types of streaming platform topics. Also, it’s under the acquisition of Dacast. Their blog is mainly for live customers of all types.

4. Tubular Insights

Our next on the list is Tubular Insights. It is a very useful resource for trending topics, news around the industry, some pro tips, and some analytic information.
Tubular Insights targets mainly digital marketers and streaming producers. Also, this is one of the best sites to know all about Search Engine Optimization(SEO).

5. Tech Crunch

Tech Crunch is mainly popular for industry-related breaking news. They also provide product-related reviews and boost start-up companies.
However, Tech Crunch mainly covered tech stories. In fact, it is a leading source for specific streaming-related queries.

6. Online is our 6th on the list. It is owned by the same parent company of Streaming media. It is a blog site that offers a piece of great information on video marketing. It also provides a strategy for its customer. However, give its customer a different taste in the streaming industry.

7. Pro Video Coalition

Pro Video Coalition is shortly called PVC. It is also called the community of media professionals. They share tips and tricks, and stories, and also give guidance for streaming video.
Moreover, Pro Video arranged an “experts page”, where you can see content writers’ credentials.

8. B&H Explora

B&H Explora ranked 8th on our list. It provides product-related reviews, breaks new releases, and gives a guide on how to do or what to do.
It is a very useful place for audio, video, and photo technology that helps all streamers.

9. Low Latency Solutions-

Low Latency Solution is another streaming platform that offers the best real-time streaming. This is the best for sports, live gaming, and other live competition including gambling. In recent times it is the best for any live competition.

10. Monetizing Tools

In recent times video monetization is most for any streaming services. There are three types of monetization, are first pay-per-view second subscription, and thirdly advertising.


From the starting to the end, you will get all information about various types of digital streaming platforms related to blogs. So get the subscription to your favorite streaming app, whether it is Netflix or Amazon, or the 9anime app. And Enjoy.