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Wayanad to Bangalore: A Comprehensive Travel Guide


Wayanad is a district in northeastern Kerala, that is abundant in scenic landscapes and tourist attractions. It is a place that has gained prominence on the vacation map of India for its natural life and zest ranches, including waterfalls, caverns, paddy fields, and ancient ruins.

Since it is situated on the border of Tamil Nadu and Kerala, it is simple to reach all other South Indian states, and many visitors travel there for an extended weekend from Bangalore. As soon as you approach Wayanad, the surrounding scenery drastically changes, and you are suddenly transported into a natural paradise that attracts you for the duration of your stay and beyond.

Archeological findings indicate that the area has a very rich historical value and that humans may have lived there as far ago as 3,000 years ago. In the numerous natural caverns that are scattered across this lovely hill station, the Stone Age ruins can still be seen today. Culturally speaking, Wayanad is known as the “Land of the Paddy Fields,” and there are many pockets of luxuriant vegetation scattered throughout the dense forests here.

There is a lot to see and enjoy, from Tholpetty in the north to Kalpetta in the south and Muthanga in the east to Mananthavady in the northwest. A journey to Wayanad, which is close to Bangalore, will undoubtedly change one’s life and provide a much-needed rest.

Bangalore to Wayanad travel time

It will only take a slow overnight trip to travel the 282.7 kilometers that separate Bangalore and Wayanad. Over 60% of Wayanad’s visitors arrive on the weekends, most of whom are from Bangalore.

You may easily get to Wayanad by Saturday evening if you leave late on Friday night. Spend the weekend, then return to Bangalore by Sunday night. You’ll feel rejuvenated and will have the experience to smile about it all week long!

Route Map from Bangalore to Wayanad

If you are driving your car from Bangalore to Wayanad, there are three possible routes. The majority of the drive is very pleasant, and you may also avoid traffic on the Bangalore Mysore Road if you leave late at night or very early in the morning. Moving on to the Mysore Ring Road, which takes you directly to Bandipur while assisting in avoiding Mysore’s traffic, is always a better decision.

It will just be one road from this point on, so you must drive quite cautiously. From this point on, the route will be rather straightforward, and you will pass through places like Gundlupet and Sulthan.

When is the best time to go from Bangalore to Wayanad?

The winter months of October through May, when the sky is clear and the temperature is cozy and romantic, are Wayanad’s peak travel season. The optimum time to observe wildlife, go on treks, and participate in other outdoor activities will also be at this time. Another time when Wayanad is a completely distinct scene is from June to September.

The sky looks spectacular during this time of year’s rains, and there is a greater chance of seeing other wildlife. However, driving during the rainy season can become a little riskier and uncomfortable (with your car glasses down).

Driving from Bangalore to Wayanad

The most practical way to travel from Bangalore to Wayanad is in a self-driven vehicle. Along with being comfortable in your automobile, making extra stops will be possible. The drive to Wayanad is beautiful, but if you’re taking public transportation, it will always be inconvenient when you’d like to stop.

The trip will only take 5 to 6 hours to complete and will require roughly INR 500 worth of gas to travel the 280 kilometers. However, be certain that you have adequate petrol on hand for the return trip as well.

Chmebra prek

The Chembra Prek is located around eight kilometers south of Kalpetta. The highest point in the Wayanad region is called Peak. The summit is near Meppadi Town, and the mountain’s crest Kozhikode’s Vellarimala, and the Nilgiris are bordered by mountains. Tamil Nadu’s. The peak’s summit provides breathtaking views of the surrounding surroundings and presents an ideal opportunity for all kinds of enthusiasts of the outdoors and the natural world. The very high Chembra Peak Plan a romantic hike to this location in Wayanad.

If you are visiting Wayanad, you must visit this location. To get to the 2,100-meter elevation, you must hike, but choose a day that is pleasant and comfortable.


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