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6 Tips To Save Your Money During End Of Lease Cleaning

If it would have been any normal cleaning service, you might be satisfied with what you’re paying to get it done. You might even do your regular cleaning by yourself like most people. However, end of lease cleaning is a whole different affair. It will most likely need the intervention of professional experts.

Not only this, this cleaning service is always coupled with moving. Therefore, you have an extra burden over your shoulders. It can be really expensive and tough on your budget if you do not spend wisely and cut costs wherever you can. Moving isn’t only about loading a truck and going to a new place. You have to buy packing supplies, hire a removalist, rent moving trucks maybe – the list goes on. The same goes with your end of lease cleaning, especially if you are living in a large city such as Melbourne.

Save as much as you can during these times because settling in your new house will also add a few expenses. Getting household items, transferring utilities, etc. can all add to the stress and most importantly, tighten your budget.

Here’s how you can save a few precious bucks during your move out/end of lease cleaning.

Use DIY products

One of the best ways to save some money during an end of lease cleaning spree is to make your own cleaning solutions. Of course you’ll have to go out and buy your own mop, brooms, etc., but you can still use old clothes as dirt rags and use some of the cleaning equipment at your place. If you hired a move out cleaning company to help you, you can skip this part because they use their own supplies.

However, if you are doing it on your own, it is better to make homemade cleaning solutions using vinegar, baking soda, and water. There are thousands of recipes available online and many of them are quite good and effective. The best thing is that they are free from chemicals and of course, they will cost a lot less as compared to buying branded products.

Prepare an all-purpose cleaning solution to help you out. You can also find recipes for specific cleaning solutions for tackling problems like grease, mould, and food stains. Make sure that you stick to the recipes and use them in the right amount.

Rent equipment instead of buying them

Another tip for people who want to do their own end of lease cleaning is to rent equipment instead of buying one. It will require a lot of investment and you’ll probably never use them again. Most people generally own a vacuum cleaner so you should employ that as much as you can. As far as equipment such as carpet steam cleaners and pressure washers are concerned, you can rent these at the local store near you. It will help you save some money and you can return them whenever you want. You can also use these at your new house since that will also need to be cleaned.

Hire an affordable end of lease cleaning company

Pricing is one of the main factors that people consider before hiring a bond back cleaning company. Since they are also moving out, expenses are at an all time high. Look for an affordable option and get lots of estimates from various companies. Compare them and choose the one that suits your wallet. Don’t go for very cheap companies though. They might compromise with their quality of service and after all, your security deposit is on the line here.

Finding the right end of lease cleaning company in Melbourne is pretty simple if you look at the right parameters. Things like experiences, customer service, services offered, etc. are also very important. Your move out cleaning company should be the right mix of all these factors instead of just offering services at low prices.

Fortunately, there are many affordable end of lease cleaning companies in Melbourne. Finally, you should look into what the busy seasons for removalists and move out cleaning companies are. Prices are generally higher then so try to avoid that. Make sure that you speak with your removalists about this because many moving companies arrange cleaning solutions as well.

Reuse and downsize

You can reuse your cleaning supplies and make the most of them. You can also stretch out your cleaning products. It will make them last longer and you’ll require a lesser quantity.

Another good way to save money is to downsize. This especially helps in your moving expenses. You can arrange a garage sale or sell your items online. Things that you no longer need or things that you feel won’t be a right fit at your new house can go down this route. Make sure that you keep an inventory of all your belongings during the removal. It helps you keep track of them and makes packing and moving much easier.

Clean after you move out

Packing and moving are really messy. Therefore, if you do your bond cleaning before you move out, you might have to clean the place again after everything is moved out. It is better to clean a completely empty house. Tell your removalists and your cleaning company about this before you sign a contract with them. Most of the time, this is how it goes though. The moving company will suggest the same as well.

Call in help

If things get overwhelming on the financial side, you can always turn to your family and friends. Call them in to help you with your packing or your cleaning. It will make the entire experience more pleasant for you as well. You can cut down on some of the services that you get from the end of lease cleaning company and therefore, save some money here. Ensure that you notify your contacts in advance though. They are helping you after all and their convenience should be considered as well.


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