Top 6 Benefits Of Outsourcing IT Services  

With 2020 came the pandemic, which forever changed the business landscape and dynamics. Whether big or small, every business opts for remote working and outsourcing solutions.

The most significant IT outsourcing trends 2022 for rebuilding teams and enhancing business acumen. IT outsourcing takes precedence over developing new tech teams from scratch for monetary gains and other reasons.

Let’s delve deeper into outsourcing, its benefits, and why businesses prefer it.

Outsourcing IT services

IT outsourcing refers to using third-party services or external resources to manage the IT functions of an organization. It could either be software development, technical support, or software solutions. Outsourcing is of different types

1. Project outsourcing
2. Manufacturing outsourcing
3. Process outsourcing

It is possible to run an entire business without even hiring a single employee. Such is the power and benefit of outsourcing. According to Statista, outsourcing will experience a boost of up to $133 billion by 2025.

Reasons for IT outsourcing

Yes! Saving money is a lucrative and imperative practice for SMBs, but it certainly is not the only reason for hiring external service providers. There are other reasons to consider, such as,

Redirect and Improve Focus on Pressing Matters

Not all companies have the required technical teams; therefore, they outsource tech talent. The outside vendors take care of your IT functions. In the meantime, you can increase in-house efficiency and productivity by focusing on other high-value tasks.

In-house resources can focus on other pressing challenges and dedicate their time and focus on more critical tasks. They could use this time to meet other deadlines. Staff augmentation shares the burden and workload of your employees.

The business can gauge the attention of new clients, pick up new projects, and focus on employees’ core competencies.  Let the third-party resources do what they are best at while focusing on what you are best at.


Hiring an in-house resource means big money. Expenses come with training, retirement plans, salaries, employee insurance, etc. When you outsource IT support, you save a considerable chunk of money.
You only have to pay for the outsourced resources and enjoy low production, infrastructure, and operational cost.
Since a considerable amount of money goes into the recruiting process, most businesses shy away from it. The reason most companies delegate IT solutions is low labor expenses.

Low Risk

Knowing that your work is in safe and expert hands gives peace, security, and satisfaction. When you delegate the IT services to professionals, there runs a low risk of error and fault in the system. It provides a sense of security.  There is a somewhat low risk of running into faulty infrastructures, system bugs, and operational inefficiency when outsourcing to IT professionals. So sit back and relax.

Lack of technical skillset

Another side of the coin is that your business may not have the desired skill set, workforce, or IT expertise you require for specific IT functions. In the interim and long term,  delegating is always better than hiring and polishing a new resource. Sometimes hiring a new resource could be a daunting process, and you may not have the cost, time, and energy for it.

Exposure to technical capabilities

Outsourcing IT services allows a business to grow and diversify by getting exposure to IT professionals and geniuses. Sitting in under a roof, working with the same people every day on similar projects, does not expand the horizon of a business.

The biggest reason for hiring third-party employees is to earn a surplus ROI on your operations.

Freelancers or third-party IT outsourcing usually require proper training, learning, experience, and certifications. Enjoy the perks of years of experience and expertise of these people without spending a dime on their certifications and training.


Having good IT expertise gives a business a competitive edge in the long term. In the age of evolving technology, outsourcing saves you time, money, resources, and energy to implement the right technology. This allows you to be on top of your IT game and give fierce competition to your competitors.

Freed up resources, time, capacity, clientele, and capital allows you to make intelligent strategies that give you a competitive advantage.


Let’s learn from the best in town to see how outsourcing helps these tech giants to make a mark in their respective industries,

Google: Even Google knows that it cannot handle all the operations despite being a large entity. It has been outsourcing the admin, and IT functions successfully for years now. It outsources
Development work
Email support

Alibaba: This corporate giant maintains low manufacturing costs and outsources web development to US IT professionals. It has flourished immensely with this infrastructure.

WhatsApp: It grew at an astronomical pace in the last few years by realizing the value of hiring external resources. They outsource developers from other countries.

Slack: To improve the quality and allow more talent to flow in, Slack outsourced in the initial days that catapulted it to success.

Outsourcing is a vital option for managing IT services. However, it is not always appreciated for disadvantages like less control, communication issues, etc. We must weigh the pros and cons before delegating any task. It is beneficial when a high margin is involved with a high return. Enhance your IT department with exceptional third-party services and knowledge at multiple levels.