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5 wonderful camping sites close to Pune

We all significantly respect Friday evenings as a enormous damage from our monotonous lives that we’ve got grown familiar with. We’ve all idea about quitting our jobs and shifting someplace greater serene and tranquil, wherein we could stay in a wooden hut by means of the riverside or pitch a tent and spend the night gazing on the stars. Would not this life appear like a fantasy?

The balancing act can be done hastily, mainly if you live in Pune! We have many opportunities to discover due to the fact the metropolis is tucked away among the majestic Sahyadris on one aspect and the fantastic plateau on the opposite. One of the most popular enjoyment options and activities for people in the Pune area is camping.

So I will be sharing with you some of the best Camping sites near Pune.


Those two highland towns are most of the very exceptional! You will easily force there in two hours at most from Pune, that is located approximately 70 kilometres away. The force itself is satisfactory and beautiful. The satisfactory feature of these places is that there’s some thing there for every body! A terrific area for a own family picnic! It gives everything, which includes opulent resorts, water parks, journey motels, and tenting! It’s far without problems accessible and open all yr spherical, which makes it famous. And that explains why it’s usually so crowded at the weekends despite the fact that the excellent time to visit is for the duration of the wintry weather and rainy season! Lonavala-Khandala is a specific no-brainer destination! Virtually seize your property and pass.

Rajmachi camping:

The gap among Rajmachi castle and Lonavala is round sixteen kilometres. It is one of the most properly-favored camping and hiking places. The nicest a part of mountain climbing to the top is that the hike is rated as “easy,” making it a fave amongst novices and people who don’t want a number of excitement.

While you get to the pinnacle, you could pitch your tent there or pay a little price to stay in one of the villagers’ cottages. While the especially type natives provide you delectable Maharashtrian cuisine, your breakfast, lunch, and dinner are sorted.

Viewing fireflies prior to the begin of the monsoon and traveling the Kataldhar waterfall for the duration of the monsoon are two different seasonal highlights. As it’s a trek, wintry weather and rainy seasons are first-class because summers might be hard and overly warm.

Kaas plateau:

Maharashtra takes incredible pride in having a Valley of flowers all to itself! Why no longer, then? The vicinity, that’s 136 kilometres from Pune, makes you experience as although you are in heaven. Families, and particularly folks that love images, have to go to Kaas! 

This location is at its most beautiful among September and November, consequently the ones are the great months to visit! Round 850 different flower species may be observed there, and there are several trekking trails. You may select to installation your tent in place of checking into one of the camps. This location changed into a well-kept mystery until recently, but now vacationers from neighbouring towns move there to view the blossoms, move hiking, and lots of other activities.

Velhe camping:

Velhe, a bit village near to nature, is some other off-the-beaten-direction place 50 kilometres (1 hour 45 mins by means of vehicle) from Pune. You may have a critical soul-cleaning here via putting in your campsite or selecting one of the campgrounds that are already installation.

Discover ways to installation a tent, take pleasure in sports like soccer, cricket, and archery, and spend your enjoyment time at the campfire and fish fry.

While the iciness and monsoon seasons are high-quality for camping in Velhe, the campgrounds are open all 12 months long. The journey seeker in you has the choice to hike the Torna fortress, that’s just five kilometres from the settlement, if you wish to go past tenting. The castle has quite a history as Shivaji Maharaj, the mythical Maratha warrior, sold it as considered one of his first forts.

Tenting in Bhor:

Bhor is an unknown however stunning location near Pune. The village can be reached at maximum an hour and a half and is a part of the Pune district (distance is fifty five kms). It’s far an appropriate vacation spot that is not too far from the city.

The area is perfect—faraway from the hustle and bustle of the city, with get admission to to sparkling air so that it will leave you feeling re-energized and geared up for the approaching week. Particularly, numerous Bollywood films and Marathi television indicates have used these regions for filming.

You could take part in outdoor sports activities like cricket, football, and volleyball together with hobbies like zip line, kayaking, and zorbing,  and revel in a few delectable BBQ inside the campground all through your amusement time.


From above you sincerely would have decided on the above places in case you are planning a tenting trip close to Pune. That is the guarantee you will not remorse your decision and you will enjoy your tenting to the fullest.


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