To Utilize Social Media For Business Growth

“We don’t have a choice whether we do social media, the question is how well we do it.”

  • Erik Qualman

In the contemporary business world, social media has become a necessity for businesses to market their products and services in a competitive market. Social media not only assists in expanding the reach of your business but also assists in enhancing the growth and revenue of your business.

However, every business is trying its best to amplify its growth but only some are successful in achieving so. Now the question that arises is what exactly contributes to the successful expansion of a business on social media?

The answer simply lies in one word, ‘strategies’. Your business growth on social media relies on the strategies that you use to effectively utilize the social media platforms. That being the case, it is crucial for you to stay updated on the latest and actionable strategies that can be implemented by you to enhance the growth of your business.

Hence, if you are also here to effectively understand the implementation of different strategies that can assist you in enhancing your presence on social media, then this blog is for you. So let us dive right into the blog without further ado.

5 Foolproof Strategies to Enhance Business Growth on Social Media

1. Enhance Real-Time Marketing

Real-time marketing is one of the latest trends that is getting widely popular across all social media platforms. For those who are still not aware of the term, “Real-time marketing often referred to as newsjacking is the practice where brands use latest or nearly real-time trending news stories to create their brand-centric content.”

To elaborate, it is one of the most effective ways to hook your target audience because if the topic is trending already, it will bring you in the spotlight as well, and that too organically. The major reason is that if your content is engaging enough to hook your audience, your target customer will automatically share, comment, and like it.

Moreover, if real-time marketing is used effectively, it will also assist in enhancing the recall value of your brand. Hence, in order to effectively leverage real-time marketing, all you need is an interesting approach to present the latest news while promoting your own product.

However, you also need to keep this thing in mind that there is a very thin line between presenting something in humor and hurting someone’s sentiment. Although real-time marketing is a really good approach to grab the attention of your target audience, you can also end up hurting someone’s sentiment. This will only backfire on your strategy and can impact your reputation negatively and this can bring the disadvantages of social media into play.

Hence, while creating engaging content using the real-time marketing approach, you need to make sure to think of all the possible perspectives. It is essential so that nothing can go wrong in the end.

2. Sell directly through social media

Whenever we talk about growth, one of the major key performance indicators to measure the success rate is the revenue that your business generates. Moreover, it is no hidden fact that social media is now not just a place to meet new people but it can also be a revenue model for your business.

To elaborate, Instagram and Facebook recently launched their exclusive shopping features enabling businesses to directly sell their products to the target audience through their social media apps. This opens up a wide opportunity for all businesses to create a seamless experience for their target audience. Platforms made it easier for customers to make a purchase directly from the apps. It will assist in enhancing the overall customer experience of your target audience.

Secondly, if you will allow your customers to directly purchase from your social media handle, it will add up to positive customer perception. This will further assist in enhancing the brand authority and awareness along with generating healthy revenues. Hence, this way of selling through social media will assist in increasing the overall growth of your business.

3. Leverage videos

It is no hidden fact that in the contemporary world, people are getting addicted to videos all around the globe. In fact, as per statistics, 96% of the consumers enhanced their video consumption.

Hence, it is a great opportunity for you to use the strategy of creating engaging videos in order to hook your target audience. You can use different genres in your videos such as

  • Comedy

  • Action

  • Thriller

  • Suspense

  • Fear

These genres will assist you in enhancing the storyline of your videos and will assist in connecting with your target audience on a personal level. There are multiple types of videos that can be used by you to strategically communicate your message to your target audience.  Multiple types of videos can include

  • Testimonials

  • Advertisements

  • Explainer videos

  • How-to tutorials

These videos will assist you in connecting with your target audience in the most efficient manner and will make sure that your message is effectively delivered.

Along with this, as per research,  85% of videos were watched without sound. In such scenarios, you can add subtitles to your video to make sure that your message reaches the target audience even when they are watching your videos with sound off.

Furthermore, you can use videos to create engaging user-generated content. This will assist in attracting new customers because it will convince your target audience that other customers are also trusting and are using your products and services. This will further contribute to successfully achieving the SMART goals of your business.

Hence, implementing these tactics will assist you in engaging your target audience which can further assist in enhancing your brand awareness and authority on social media. This will further contribute to enhancing your business growth.

4. Collaborate with Influencers

If you are looking to expand your brand on social media then nothing can be better than collaboration with influencers. As we all are aware that influencer marketing is on the rise, collaboration with them will assist you in enhancing your growth on all the platforms of social media.

To elaborate, people nowadays are very fond of social media and influencers and are most likely to purchase products promoted or are used by them. To substantiate, as per the statistics, 80% of customers have carried out a purchase after having seen it recommended by an influencer. That being the case, if you use influencers to deliver your brand message to your target audience, it can effectively deliver your message to the right target audience.

However, you need to make sure that you are approaching the right influencers. To elaborate, you should always go for influencers that compliment your industry rather than reaching out to overall popular influencers. Collaborating with industry-oriented influencers will assist you in targeting the right audience which will assist in expanding your business on social media.

5. Bring AI into play

Artificial intelligence has been successful in making its space in almost every industry and bringing it into your digital marketing will only give you many opportunities to expand your business.

We all are very well aware of the most common perk of AI is that it will free you from repetitive and mundane tasks. This automation will save you the time, effort, and cost that go into performing the tasks that need minimal human interaction. Using artificial intelligence with your social media platforms will bring along below given benefits.

1) Strong insights – Artificial intelligence can assist you in extracting some powerful insights based on the interactions of your audience with your social media platforms. This will assist you in identifying the key strengths and weaknesses of your marketing strategy. Boosting your strengths and getting rid of your weaknesses will assist you in boosting your marketing efficiency which can assist you in gaining a competitive advantage.

2) Auto scheduling of posts – Automation in artificial intelligence can auto-schedule your posts across all platforms. This can assist you in scheduling and posting your messages according to the most engaging time for your audience automatically.

3) Automatically responds to the queries – Latest advancements in artificial intelligence have enabled AI to respond in the most natural way. This will assist in automatically replying to your audience who comes up with various queries on your social media handles. Being 24*7 available for your target audience will assist in contributing to customer satisfaction which will further contribute to your business growth.

Moreover, there are various features of AI-based CRM software that will assist you in automating various tasks on social media platforms which can contribute to enhancing the efficiency of your social media marketing.

Keeping all in account, it is very much safe to say that social media is an important aspect of every business in the contemporary world. Hence, it is really essential to implement effective smart strategies to enhance business growth through social media. Moreover, the given above strategies will assist you in enhancing the growth of your business on social media in the most efficient and effective manner.


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