3 Different Types of Electricians in Kensington to Cater to Your Needs

If you are looking for an electrician to carry electrical repairs, make sure you hire a qualified and registered electrician. It is also important to select an electrician who can deliver the level of the service that you require. Perhaps you are wondering at the back of your mind when you should call an emergency electrician. Maybe you want to know about the services that a Level 2 electrician can carry out.

In the following sections of the blog post we will try to cover all those topics and much more so that you can take informed decisions easily under adverse situations.

Different types of qualified electricians

As far as professional electricians are concerned, they can broadly be classified into three categories, namely –

  • Accredited electricians
  • Master electricians and
  • Emergency electricians

In order to wear any of these hats one needs possessing the Level 2 Electrician Accredited Service Provider certification. Now let us get into the details about each of the categories.

Accredited electricians

Accredited electricians are also called Level 2 Electricians. This category of electricians is qualified to perform electrical repair and installation of all the existing levels. Moreover they are licensed to carry out electrical jobs or attend to electrical issues at commercial, residential as well as industrial sites. Accredited electricians are allowed to attend to every type of commercial electrician needs.

  • In easier words a Level 2 electrician can both disconnect as well as connect your property to the broader electrical network.
  • The tradesman can also install or fix service lines.
  • The professional may also install an electric meter.

By the way data cabling electricians too are qualified electricians with Level 2 accreditation.

Emergency electricians

The tern emergency electrician is a term that is used to refer to a particular category or section of these tradesmen. This section of electricians is available on-call to fix emergency issues in your household or property. Usually, the accredited electricians who show up on online searches are certified to perform emergency electrical repairs. Emergency electricians are likely to be on call 24 hours a day and 365 days a year to resolve issues that pose electrical hazard for a property.

An emergency or 24-hour electrician is likely to come over your premise under the following conditions –

  • A constant humming noise or sparks from electrical outlet
  • Electric shock
  • Burning smell coming from any appliance, which suggests overheating
  • Electrical safety breakers in a property are constantly tripping
  • Electric supply to your property is down from the main
  • Repeatedly blown fuses

In easier words the difference between accredited and emergency electricians is in the level of callout. A typical callout is usually for installations or disconnections for premises whereas an emergency electrician comes over to fix urgent issues.

Master electrician

A master electrician is also a qualified electrician with Level 2 certification and with a certain number of years of experience working in the industry. However, there are other criteria as well that have to be met in order to be a Master Electrician. Some of the criteria include –

  • Providing 12 months guarantee on all their works
  • Providing energy efficiency advices to clients
  • Making use of a safety management system

Once a Master Electrician accomplishes the required standards the tradesman is regularly audited to make sure the standards are upheld.

Why do I need hiring a licensed electrician?

When the issues are minor you may consider attending it yourself. Else you could be having an unlicensed friend to stand up in your stead. This way you can easily save quite a few bucks. But in the long run this approach may prove incredibly expensive. How? In case anything related to the work is done poorly then you may have to get undone and redone right from scratch by a qualified electrician. More importantly any electrical work that is carried out by unlicensed electricians is likely to become a safety issue. As far as electric is concerned, a faulty work is likely to snowball into an issue within few days, weeks, months and even years down the line.

Level 2 Electricians also work as plumbers – why?

Becoming either a plumber or an electrician is not easy. You have to invest years of studying and licensing in two completely separate disciplines. Because of the towering demand of skilled and knowledgeable tradesmen in the present-day society many licensed electricians also play double role as plumbers. There are many qualified electricians who are also registered plumbers. A registered plumber is the one who works under the supervision of a licensed plumber. A Level 2 Certified electrician who also achieves a license in plumbing is considered as a multi skilled tradesman.

Is there a need of a particular type of electrician for emergency lighting repair?

This is a very common question for owners of industrial and commercial premises in Kensington. When you own a commercial or industrial premise then obviously you have to arrange regular servicing as well as repair of the emergency lighting system installed in the property. This job better be left to a professional electrician. The best way out is to hire a Level 2 Certified electrician to handle maintenance and repair of emergency lighting, fire and burglar alarms and other safety systems.

Your assured place to get quality electrical services in Kensington

The Electric Works London consistently provides top grade electrical works in Kensington. We are a renowned electrician services provider in London across the decades. Our registered is at the Shaftsbury Centre on Barlby Road. Every electrician associated with us is registered with the NICEIC. Thus, you can easily gauge the quality of work we deliver.

We cater to both residential and commercial clients. In contrast to the high quality of work that we perform we quote a reasonable price that easily fits every pocket. As a reliable electrician in Kensington, we provide a wide range of services which includes the following –

  • Emergency EICR certificate
  • Water and flood damage safety check
  • Pat certificate
  • Fault finding
  • 1st fix and 2nd fix electrical
  • Emergency lighting
  • Security lighting
  • Electrical rewiring
  • Fuse box installation



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