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3 Designers of Baker Furniture

Furniture is essential. The furniture you pick Furniture Lounge Sunderland for the client’s house must strike the proper equilibrium between aesthetic flexibility and a sophisticated style. However, we are aware of how challenging furnishing a house can be. Most likely, your customer is on a tight schedule. 

That’s why they’re looking to get the most out of each minute they’re in their home. In this regard, you must ensure that the space you design will be a serene and safe place of peace and peace that allows your customer to relax, unwind and unwind after a long day. To achieve this, you should create a space that is beautiful and inviting.

But, simply creating an attractive home isn’t enough. It is essential to put the proper measures in place to ensure that your beauty lasts for an extended period with proper treatment. Every home needs regular maintenance. If you can fill your client’s home with top-quality furniture, the work they’ll have to complete to maintain it is drastically reduced. 

Furthermore, suppose you select top-quality furniture for your client’s home. In that case, it is likely that the furniture you purchase is damaged because the better the design and quality of the product, the less durable it is. So, it is essential to purchasing equally constructed furniture as it is sturdy. Sunderland Furniture Center

At Decor House, our mission is straightforward. We aim to assist all of our clients in finding furniture that will help them make their dream home a reality. For the past 38 years, we’ve employed our team of experienced professionals with the knowledge and skills to provide our clients with a superior service by offering a wide range of design options for each one of our clients. 

Our furniture selection, as well as our design work, has been mentioned in Architectural Digest as well as numerous other well-known publications. We understand that clients aren’t buying the latest furniture to furnish their homes daily, which is why we only sell furniture from brands we trust to create quality, stylish, and long-lasting furniture suitable for modern homes. 

Today, we’re applying our expertise in the field to showcase Baker and the creative designers Baker has collaborated with, examining the designer’s past, design, and product lines to ensure that you will discover furniture that will meet your requirements for the project.

About Baker

The company was founded in 1890. a brand that is now called Baker was originally a modest cabinet shop. Today, the company creates furniture for every room within the home, setting the benchmark for high-quality furniture throughout the USA. The skilled artisans who make each product from Baker Furniture choose the best techniques and materials for each particular piece, ensuring that each item they sell to their customers reflects the Baker quality standards.

The Designers of Baker

The history of Baker is constantly evolving, but Baker has not forgotten its origins. The company has a long tradition of collaborating with some of the best in the design world to create unique works of art that are perfect for the home.  Living room storage furniture UK

The highly regarded designers have an innovative approach to design and, when paired with the high-end quality of the brand’s craftsmanship, results in striking collections that are both cohesive and different in their design. Please continue reading to learn more about the notable designers of Baker and their furniture designs.

Barbara Barry

Quality is the mainstay of Furniture Warehouse Sunderland of each product that Barbara Berry has designed. Barry is among the top designers from Baker and has proved her value time and time again with every collection she launches that is with a higher level of refinement than her previous collections. 

Her aim in furniture design is to design pieces that are a part of the family’s history. Barbara Barry was raised in an incredibly talented family, each of them being an artist. Her experiences have profoundly influenced her designs.

 Her timeless style is achieved through her use of minimalist colors and dedication to simple design. Barbara Barry’s Furniture perfectly represents the beauty of timeless living. She can bring peace and tranquility as a way to put an end to the chaos of contemporary lives.

Through time, her company has gained international recognition. The serene, comfortable interiors she’s designed, and the catalog of products she has accumulated is celebrated through highly acclaimed partnerships, among them her most notable partnership with Baker. 

Barbara Barry has partnered with Baker several times. However, it was during her most recent collaboration with the brand that she finally was capable of pushing her imagination to the limit, thanks to Baker’s skilled artisans, who helped bring her ideas to life.

You can purchase Barbara Barry furniture in our collection for bedrooms, the dining room, kitchen, and living room, along with lighting fixtures and accessories which can improve the look of any space at your client’s house. 

Barbara Barry’s Baker collection is carefully designed. Each collection piece is part of a larger ensemble that can work together to bring emotion to the room and provide harmony and balance to the home.

Bill Sofield

If we had to sum up the design philosophy of Bill Sofield with one sentence, we’d describe it as livability. As a genuine Modernist, the unique person among the design team at Baker believes furniture must be as functional as it looks to be a practical design for the home. His approach to design is based on functionality. 

But, he also encapsulates the structure’s shape with lavish elements that allow it to reach its most attractive appearance without sacrificing function. This method lets you bring a fresh and exciting vibe to the room you’re furnishing with furniture. This can help you identify the space’s uniqueness and highlight your client’s style without relying on home decor.

Sofield is committed to his work. Sofield created Studio Sofield in 1996 and worked with Baker first in 2001. Sofield developed a collection of pieces focused on creating custom pieces that would evolve with time and use until they were a prized collection. 

He was recognized in the Interior Design Magazine’s “Hall of Fame” in 2004 and received the famous Cooper-Hewitt National Design Award for Interior Design in 2010.

We suggest furniture from this designer to people looking for pieces that are nimble in form and confined in design yet able to blend into the room as it grows. 

There are a variety of stunning hardwood pieces of dressers and chests of drawers on our shelves, along with comfy, compact curve-backed chairs and luxurious beds upholstered. Check out the selection and see whether a piece of Bill Sofield furniture from his collaboration with Baker is suitable for the home that you are furnishing.

Jacques Garcia

Garcia is a major player in the world of furniture. His talent in interior design was apparent at an early age. He started his first big project when he was eight, designing and furnishing his grandparents’ home to express family love. After completing his studies and work experience, he began working for contemporary architects, creating breathtaking hotels and domestic interiors.

 After a long time of dedication to his job, he received his title as Commander of the Order of the Arts and Letters and a Chevalier of the Legion of Honor. He was recognized for his pioneering work in the industry of hospitality. Jacques, among the creators of Baker, has made a mark for future generations, showing that dedication and a keen eye are the most effective tools for a designer.

Jacques Garcia Furniture embraces simplicity in its designs. However, in the latest collaboration with Baker, his designs challenge natural forms through beautiful structures while paying homage to the style of the furniture pieces from his design canon. Over time his influences have changed. Conventional norms no longer restrict him. 

The success of his work means that his furniture is now taking the influence of Napoleonic lavishness and Zen minimalism in the same piece. Every piece of furniture in the collection is elegant and beautiful, expressing the designer’s passion and passion for creating his designs. 

The neutral color palette of this collection implies you can design the entire house of your client with furniture from this collaboration and still have a coherent design and color scheme.

We suggest furniture from this designer for those seeking furniture with the spirit of the soul, featuring unique designs that add personality to your client’s home without overwhelming the room. If you’re furnishing the living space of your client and are looking for a functional but small accent piece, we suggest the le standing lion. 

The sloping top and shapely edge add some personality to the piece, and the base with paws gives new life to the classic three-legged stand. If you’re planning to furnish the dining area, we recommend the Marat Upholstered Dining Chair. 

This piece has an elegant look with its deep scalloped silhouette and crisp welt. It’s suitable for the side and host applications on rectangular and round dining tables. Whatever ambiance you create, it is inevitable that this piece will blend into the setting.