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10 Outstanding Loft Conversion Ideas for 2023

 You might have plan for dormer loft conversion but if you are unsure how to develop a wonderful living space then follow our incredible ideas. Our guide of loft conversions will surely give a major inspiration to create a beautiful living within budget and in short span of time. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s start by displaying you some major yet fabulous ideas.

  1. Space maximisation

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The common trick of loft conversion is to utilise most of what the limited space has to offer. Basically both en-suite and bedroom can be added to the space that not only adds value to your living but also for the property as well. In this idea the en-suite will be separated from the bedroom with the use of sliding pocket door.

Bed has to be placed below sloppy Velux window while maximum headroom will be required for walking. Storage has been utilised in the sloppy area using every inch. White walls, light flooring, walk-in shower and spot lights make the room simple and spacious.

  1. Ideas for loft conversion staircase

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Staircase in loft looks quite narrow, dull and cramped due to little access of natural light. However, to make the space looks much bright use easy techniques like painting the wall with bright white along installation of some spot lights. The smart idea of installing a staircase for loft is to fit glass balustrade that offers space illusion and reflection of light throughout.

Stair runner can complete the look. During planning for dormer loft conversion in London estimate the space it will consume from the original home. But to comply the building regulations there must be 2 metres headroom available at the stairs’ centre point.

  1. Convert the dormer in a unique feature

    unique feature
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Loft always seems unattractive from outside. Therefore, to make it look appealing convert it into an amazing feature. You can clad the dormer extension with oak while giving an essence of rendered walls and slate roof.

This straightforward update makes the exterior look great and proffers more character to the home decor. Juliet balcony or sky-gazing window can be also in your bucket list to make the space your favourite spot.

  1. Use most of sloppy ceiling

Basically, to make a dream home you don’t need a big space. All you need is smart ideas and concepts. Loft can be the perfect place for fitting a fantastic en-suite easily. Instead of making it vibrant try to keep it as simple as you can. You have to think about the usage of sloppy sides where you can’t get enough headroom.

You can embrace the wall in the shower room or place the bath tub under it. Also in-built cupboards can look great in these walls offering sufficient storage. But find out necessary designs, tips and plumbing system while planning for an en-suite loft conversion.

  1. Loft conversion for a separate kids’ room

When the head height is lacking, it’s a challenge to convert the loft into a practical living. In case the head room is below 2.2 metres then it is ideal to make playroom or kids’ bedroom in which height won’t be an issue at all.

The decoration should be colourful, bright and vibrant then only it will be loved by your babies. But building regulation has to be complied during construction.

  1. Provide some light and drama to the room

If budget is not a matter to you then add some oomph factor with architectural glazing. While you will be relaxing in the bathtub you can look over the starlit night sky or clear blue sky through London rooftops.

This special additional offers a luxurious touch to the room where you can welcome more light for flooding inside through it. While adding en-suite or bathroom in the loft conversion, locate it near the existing plumbing and soil pipe if possible. It will make the connectivity easy and hassle-free.

  1. Prefer an open plan

Open plan is one of the most beautiful plans to convert the loft. The bathroom will be separated with aluminium framed glazed glass door that reflects space illusion too. Hidden shower space from the bathroom with an amazing walk to wardrobe will add the luxury. Adore clear tiles with warm and neutral tones to make the room spacious.

  1. Install the very romantic Juliet balcony

Juliet balcony is inspired from famous drama ‘Romeo and Juliet’ by William Shakespeare. It not only changes the look and decor of the loft conversion but also allows plenty of light to enter the room. Even in hot summer months, it will assist in proper ventilation as well.

Although it’s a matter of concern whether permission can be obtained for making a balcony with loft space overlooking other properties but Juliet balcony is just an extra space. There is no hanging patio originally and so it can be allowed with permitted development it meets several building regulation criteria of your locality.

  1. Use every nook and corner of the space obtained

Have you got a limited corner at top of stairs? Then, you can utilise it as craft’s corner, kids’ play zone or solitary reading spot or stylish study room as well. You can use the corner by setting up your small home office zone too!

To keep the corner vibrant use neutral colours and white tones and welcome the light through Velux windows. Place your chair, table, necessary stationeries and a bamboo bin. To meet small storage requirement, prefer built-in storage on walls.

  1. Develop multi-purpose room

Instead to dedicate to one, you can create multi-purpose space too using loft area. This will be used as additional living and bedroom whenever guests arrive in. It can increase up to 11% of the home value both location and market wise. Opt for dormer conversion to make the loft space your home office, living area, creative room and bedroom at the same time.

After planning, if you want to get the most reasonable cost of dormer loft conversion, you can reach out to us. Our architect and specialist can deliver the most amazing loft transformation as per your need and at fair budget.



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